Most of us have changed jobs at one time or another. It’s a big decision to change your job and not one taken lightly.

Deciding to change your job is the first step, next is the actual job hunt to find something you are interested in. For anyone who has changed jobs, job hunting is a time consuming process. There’s lots of competition out there so when you manage to land an interview, you need to bring your best self and make a fantastic impression.

These 5 tips will ensure you shine at your next job interview.

1. Create A Powerful First Impression 

First impressions are extremely important in the job interview process. Regardless of which role you are going for, you need to wear a suit. Looking smart and professional creates a great impression and if you look good, you feel good and you are likely to perform better.

Greeting the interviewers is also essential to creating a powerful first impression. When you are introduced to the interviewers, make eye contact, say their name and give a firm handshake. No weak handshakes, it will be remembered! [3] 

Firm Handshake
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A firm handshake is important to make a good first impression at your job interview

2. Listen

This one might sound obvious, however whilst listening is a critical skill it is quite often poorly practiced. Whilst you are keen to impress and talk about how good you are, you won’t get past this interview if you aren’t listening to what the interviewers require of you. Breathe, listen and if need be, clarify what the interviewers are asking you.[4] 

3. Give Examples In Your Answers

Most interviewers will ask behavioral questions[1] which require a specific example of when you demonstrated that skill. What they are looking for is an actual example. It isn’t sufficient to provide an answer which says how you would do it, that is a theoretical answer. You need to draw on your past experience to highlight what you have done. This can take a bit of practice so ensure you have read your resume and have some examples ready which can used depending on what questions you are asked.

4. Know Yourself 

This may sound strange and you could be thinking this is something you are confident about. However, this is about knowing your strengths and weaknesses (or areas of development as they are commonly referred to). In these questions, knowing one’s strengths isn’t really a problem. It’s one’s weaknesses or areas of development which can be a stumbling block. It’s not good enough to say, “I don’t have any weaknesses”. Everyone can improve or develop in something. Don’t underestimate the importance of providing a quality response that shows honest self reflection. Be clear, definite and confident in your answer.[4]

5. Ask Questions

Whilst you may think a job interview is all about you being asked questions, that’s really no longer the case. Interviews are a two way process and asking questions to those interviewing you, is almost expected. When you are given an opportunity to ask questions, do it. Two or three questions whether about the role, the company or the people you will be working with, will demonstrate a curious nature and highlights your interest in the job. It also keeps the interviewers on their toes. Also, you want to leave the interview feeling comfortable you know everything about the job and opportunity. Remember whilst you are being interviewed, you are almost certainly interviewing those on the other side of the table. [2] 

You're Hired!
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You're hired

There you have it! A few simple tips to ensure you shine at your next job interview. Push aside any nerves and show your best self. You’ll be able to focus on the actual interview and ensure you stand out from the competition. With these simple tips you’ll give yourself the best chance of interview success.

What’s your tip for interview success?