As a retail manager for years now, I know the frustrations in and out of both the shopper and the retail employee.  Following are some tips to help you get the most out of any shopping experience by finding what you're looking for and getting a great outfit.

1) Be polite

It may frustrate you that in many establishments, retail employees are required to greet you, ask you about your day, or offer you a reward or credit card.  Please treat them as decent human beings in return.  Understand that while they may be an annoyance to you, this is what they are paid to do.  If they do not perform said actions, a manager will be barking up their tail in a matter of minutes.  You've taken the time to come shopping and, in all likelihood, treating this other person with an ounce of dignity will get you more and friendlier help in the event that you need it.  This means making eye contact, speaking back to the person, and listening as they speak.

2)  Ask for what you want

Likely, something brought you into the store, even if it was a complete whim.  The associates who are proffering their assistance likely know how to help you find said item.  Let them know what you're looking for, as they are paid to know about it!

3)  Accept recommendations

Very often, you will likely have a specific idea of EXACTLY what you are looking for.  Accept the recommendations that are similar but not exact, as oftentimes the exact item you want may not be found anywhere or, better yet, the suggested item looks even better!  This is particularly pertinent when you are trying on items nonetheless; trying one more item will cost you nothing and may be very beneficial!

4)  Listen for hints

Many people are weary of retail workers, believing they say everything looks good.  While this is sometimes the case, most often retailers will tell you something doesn't look nice by politely suggesting a different item, size, or color.  This saves your feelings, gets you into a better looking item, and keeps everyone happy.

5)  Ask for specific feedback

If you are weary that the associate aiding you has a case of "everything looks perfect" ask about specific details on the item.  IE, "How will this length look with a 3" heel?"  "Should the fabric buckle right here?"  "Is my skintone right for this color?"  When asking specific, direct questions, associates are more likely to be honest, or to admit a flaw.  This will help you learn whether something truly looks good.  If it really does, however, don't be afraid to accept a compliment!