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We all get those days where you just do not want to get out of bed in the morning. Where nothing seems to go right from the minute you wake up. Try to stop thinking in a negative pattern because you can still turn this day around! It can be hard when life events have contributed to your low mood, and the healing process from such things will of course take time.

Remember that how you are feeling right now is just a state of mind and that in one week from now or even one month, you will not be in this same place mentally because things will have changed. People change, moods can change and feeling low is only a transitional state. This fact may bring you just a small amount of comfort when times are hard emotionally.

Below are just some of the many ways in which you can brighten up your day and alleviate the depression and sadness you may be experiencing right now. These five examples are actually tips that can be applied immediately today as well as in the long term too. They are also only designed for mild depression and low mood.

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1. Practice Gratitude

Every day of your life you have something to be grateful for. It could be the smallest of things that you normally take for granted such as having a roof over your head, being warm and having hot water. Things such as being able to walk, see, smell or talk. There are countless people out there in far worse off situations, and this is terrible in and of itself. Thinking about others should help you to see that you are not alone in finding life hard and challenging at times.

You could keep a ‘happiness journal’ in which at the end of each day you could put the things in your life that you are thankful and grateful for. You could take inspiration from replaying your day in your head and consider how these qualities have helped you to cope with the day better. Try not to write the same things each day but look for new and small differences which have contributed to making you feel good about yourself.

The more you practice this technique then the more you can re-train or re-condition your brain to think in this constructively positive mindset. And what happens when we practice an action repeatedly? It can become ingrained as a habit. Thinking positively more is a habit that surely we would all like to develop further.

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2. Get Outdoors

The last thing you want to do when you are feeling depressed and low is to leave the house and venture outside. You may be concerned with how others will perceive you. But consider this; everyone else around you also has their own problems to contend with, and they will be thinking about their own worries in their minds too.

Being worried about what others think of you is only an internal state in an individual. But of course it can be difficult to detach this highly charged emotional state from yourself physically. It is a very inward and narrow way to perceive the world, so one has to act to readjust oneself.

Venturing outside to your local park, library, shops, to visit friends or even just for a walk around the block will help to change your mental state. Removing yourself from your environment even in a small way can have a great impact on your state of mind. So put on those trainers or even those heels and get outdoors no matter what the weather, and I guarantee that upon your return that your mood will have shifted.

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3. Eating Healthily

If you are feeling depressed and down then it is a common universal occurrence that you have probably turned to junk food and comfort eating. This can be a dreadful cycle to get into and one that is hard to escape, especially when you use it as a coping mechanism on multiple occasions.

You feel that the sugar and fat will make you feel better. Sometimes you can even hear people saying that they are having these items such as doughnuts as a ‘treat’. It is certainly sugary but how it is a treat is hard to reason with because it is only doing damage to your body and your health. Thinking about this fact can certainly help to wake one up from comfort eating.

You deserve to live a long and happy life. You deserve to be content and find joy in your relationships with others and in your work. You deserve to have all this and more but junk food is not going to provide the answer.

Purchasing a juicer can be a great way to kick start any healthy eating regime because it is quick and simple to use. Simply add the vegetables or fruit and out comes a delicious juice! People always complain about the hassle of cleaning their juicers after use. But I say clean it straight away after you have made your juice and before you drink it. That way you have the juice to look forward to which can spur you on to clean it faster!

Eating your five-a-day of fruit and vegetables gets much easier with juicing. Try not to snack as often too and if find yourself doing so, then reach for grapes or dried fruit over cakes and biscuits which are full of empty calories that your body does not need.

The healthier your diet is, then the better you will start to feel about yourself. Also, the more you can believe in your abilities then the more your confidence will grow. These things can all develop from having a great attitude towards caring for yourself and in caring about what you eat and put into your system to give you energy.

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4. Be Spontaneous

Snapping yourself out of a negative and depressive mindset can be hard at the best of times. But one sure fire way to do this is to get spontaneous in life, and to do something different or an activity that you normally would not do. For example, if you have never been ice skating or go-carting then why not try out these activities?

If you are someone who does not go swimming then why not give this a try too? It does not have to cost much and it can even be local to you, but trying to think on the spur of the moment like this can help jump start your brain out of a cycle of negative thinking.

Remember that if you do achieve this and find yourself being spontaneous on one of your down days, then this is something to add to your ‘happiness journal’ mentioned in tip one.

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5. Talk About It

Lastly, your support network is the most crucial help in getting you assistance and in helping you overcome the mental obstacles that life may present to you. Certainly, talking over your issues and concerns with a family member or friend will provide you not only with an outlet, but the chance to hear someone else’s opinion and ideas on your troubles.

If your depression and low mood are interfering with your daily functioning and activities then always consider discussing this with a medical professional. Pick up the phone and call a loved one as well if you are feeling unable to cope.

If you feel that you do not have much of a support network, then reach out to join a local club or group which can take your mind off your concerns. A book club, walking society, choir or even though volunteering, you could meet new people and form new friendships.

I hope that these five small ways to help lift your depression and low mood can help. It can take time to overcome anxiety and low moods, but equipped with some of these methods, you can hopefully get on that road to happiness much sooner.

Below is a little uplifting You Tube video animation from Alice Taylor on how to manage depression, narrated by Patrick Taylor.