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Having a sense of humor is not only helpful for making you feel more confident and good about yourself, it can also be a useful tool to improve your long term health and overall level of happiness. If you suffer from excessive stress or have a busy lifestyle which hinders you from enjoying life more, then stopping and taking stock by having a laugh from time to time could really help. Stopping the stress hormone which is also known as cortisol, spreading through your system, will mean that your skin looks more radiant. In addition to this, your digestion will be less sluggish and more efficient, and your levels of energy will be improved.

Have you been feeling depressed or low in mood recently? Or do you perhaps take life too seriously? If so, comedy can also be a great remedy for you; for your mental health as well as emotionally. There are clearly many benefits to getting more comedy and humor into your life. So let us now briefly explore five of the ways in which you can get happier, have more laughter and more fun out of life today.

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1. Laughing At Yourself

This is certainly the key starting point, because if you can laugh at yourself then you are usually someone who is easy going, relaxed and content as a person. It is hard to laugh when times are tough or you go through difficult situations. Indeed, sometimes life really is no laughing matter. However, standing back and not taking things so seriously can actually give you a great sense of perspective, as well as a more balanced outlook of life overall.

Humor can be a really useful coping mechanism for life, and that is just one of the many reasons why so many people enjoy it. Comedy can make you feel better about yourself. Start by laughing at the small things such as sharing embarrassing moments with friends. You will find that these sorts of things have happened to other people too, and it may act to bring your friendships closer together.

You may have moments in your past that you look back on with anger or regret. Try to let go of that sense of control over them, because it will only hold you back from new experiences and challenges in life. If you can laugh about them instead, then try to.  Through doing so, you could become more content as a person with life.

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2. Live Comedy

It cannot be underestimated how fantastic it can be to go and watch a live comedian or a live comedy show in general. You will come away feeling great and with a sense of happy elation for days afterwards! Not only do you feel part of a large group joining in with the laughter, you are also doing wonders for your health too. Laughter will boost your immune system, relaxes your body and releases feel good endorphins[5], so what is not to like about laughing!

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Lowering your stress levels is something that most people would like to achieve, and getting out of the house to enjoy comedy can be a great way to truly accomplish this. Next time you hear about a local comedian coming to your town or city, why not ask a few friends or work colleagues to accompany you and go along to see how you feel.

Alternatively, try watching a comedy show on television, on DVD or online. You will hopefully see the wonderful effects, and it should put you in a much better and happier mood for the rest of the day.

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3. Time With Friends

This is one very simple way to improve your happiness levels. When you are with friends or in a group of people, you are far more likely to smile and laugh than you would be on your own. Sharing embarrassing stories as was mentioned in tip one, could be a great way to have a laugh with others. In addition to this, trying new and exciting activities with friends could also be great fun.

Have you ever considered sky diving for charity? Going on an adventure weekend away or even bungee jumping with your friends? These sorts of adventurous activities can really take you out of your comfort zone, and the excitement of them could be great fun too. It could also be a real natural stress buster for your health. There would be certain laughs along the way with activities such as bungee jumping!

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4. Environmental Reminders

This small tip really can go a long way. From putting up funny pictures on the fridge to adding brightly colored flowers to your home, there are lots of ways to inject happiness to your environment and the world around you.

Look online for inspiration, or perhaps put up bright and cheerful posters around your room or office work space. There are countless little ornaments out there too which could brighten up your day. These ornaments are not only a great talking point for others, but they can also help to calm your mind down, relax you and put you more at ease.

If we are talking more of ‘de-stressing’ items, then candles would certainly be at the top of my list for environmental changes which you could make. However, in terms of happiness features for the home, I do not think that you can beat having photographs up of your family and friends around a room. Remembering that you are not alone can go a long way. Nostalgically, looking back on special moments such as birthdays, weddings or christenings for example, through the use of photos, could really lift your mood no end.

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5. Reading Humor

Lastly, if you are struggling to get to see a live comedian in action, or a live comedy show, and you would still like to discover more comedy events, then there are countless books out there to get you started. It goes without saying that there is also a wealth of comedy available online to discover too.

If you are on a tight budget, then your local library should be able to offer you some great choices from the comedy section. Why not simply ask at the library help desk the next time you pass it by, and I am sure that someone will be able to point you in the right direction or to recommend a specific comedy author.

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Humorous books are not just lists of jokes after jokes, there are also many writers who write humor in a non-fiction category. This would be stories which are interspersed with humorous episodes. You never know, if you pick up ideas from these stories or ‘joke books’ (if you prefer more witty one liners), then you could try them out in day-to-day life.

From doing this, if nothing else is accomplished, you will at least notice a rise in your confidence levels. This should increase exponentially, and you will view life less seriously overall through trying.

Taking ourselves and life too seriously is something that a lot of people are guilty of doing. Alleviate tensions both socially and even mentally for yourself through sprinkling a bit more comedy and humor into your day.

I hope that these brief tips can offer you some guidance to point you in the right sort of direction for discovering more humor.

For a bit humor right now, here is Jim Carey below doing a stand up routine, and it should certainly raise a smile or too.