Virtual Answering Service

Let’s face it – things are definitely shifting towards all things virtual when it comes to business.  While keeping a personal side to your business is definitely important, adding virtual aspects will not only elevate your business to the next level, but it can help save money in the process!  The following are a few ways you might consider “virtualizing” your business:

  1. Create a virtual office space – One way to reduce costs and expenses associated with a business is to shift a portion into e-commerce.  By utilizing the Internet and existing telecommunication infrastructures, you’re able to reduce the cost of having a brick and mortar business and expand your target market with expanded reach.  
  2. Outsourcing to virtual agencies – With virtual offices becoming more common, virtual solutions for sales, customer service, design services, customer relations, marketing, operations management, etc. are becoming more and more popular.  These solutions will often cost less than hiring an in-house team of employees and can be brought on and let go without much hassle. It also allows for telecommuting both on your end and on the end of the provider which proves to be a convenient way to work for many people.
  3. Hire a virtual assistant – Similar to outsourcing to a virtual agency, hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to cut back on business expenses.  A virtual assistant’s work can range anywhere from editing and writing to data entry or filing, but the concept of providing services out of his or her own office and communicating via the Internet or other technology remains the same. 
  4. Hire a virtual answering service – Whether you’re a small business looking for ways to reduce overhead, or you’re a larger company and need more customer assistance help, hiring a virtual answering service may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.  Having someone always there to professionally, promptly and politely answer your phone calls helps create the professional image that your company needs to build lasting relationships with current and potential customers.
  5. Store your office documents in virtual filing cabinets – A great way to reduce the costs of running a business is reduce your physical office space.  As your business grows, having more space to store your documents in inevitable, unless you find a virtual way to store documents.  There are a myriad of companies who offer this type of service and will help you take your office paperless by storing all of your documents, inventory, records, etc. online.