If you write online web content, you know that it can be important to get quality backlinks to your writing. All backlinks are not created equally. One quality do follow backlink will increase rank with search engines as well as 100 no follow backlinks. There are literally thousands of places online to get do follow backlinks. The question is where to get the BEST backlinks. The best site for quality backlinks will vary by writer, but here are a few things to consider.

Does the site where I am creating backlinks pay for the links?
Some places like Xomba.com and SheToldMe.com offer do follow backlinks and will actually pay you for posting your links. Some writing websites such as Suite101.com, Squidoo.com, HubPages.com, and Infobarrel.com allow you to post links in your articles. These articles will earn you money and the links from these websites are do follow.

Does the site relate to the writing I am promoting?
Placing a link in content unrelated to the writing you are promoting doesn't work well. For example, if you find a forum that allows you to post do follow backlinks to your writing, it will do you little good if the link does not appear in content related to your writing. The text in the actual link and the information around the link all must relate to the page being linked to get the best quality do follow backlink.

Is it a Quality Site?
Before posting a backlink, look over a site and evaluate it's quality. If the site looks unprofessional or spammy, do not post a backlink there. Backlinks from well ranked sites will help promote your writing. The Google toolbar will help you to know the Google PageRank of the website from which you are considering posting a do follow backlink. The higher the overall rank of the website, the better quality the backlink.

Consider Investing in Yourself
If you have a blog or a website, consider in investing some time in your future as a writer. Post links all your web content writing on your personal blog or website. As your blog or website grows and increases in rank, so will all the writing that you currently have linked to it. You can get do follow backlinks from Wordpress and Blogger. If you are using Blogger (Blogspot) note that you must change your blog settings to allow links to be do follow.