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The true key to success is certainly largely due to enjoying what you do. If you are enjoying your work then you are more likely to persevere at it and maintain your drive and enthusiasm for it as well. These five tips simply offer some general guidance on how to best prepare oneself for success and ways to go about achieving success in life.

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1. Resolve To Succeed

Your internal attitude towards success is what can help to determine whether you will excel or fail at what you are doing. To have this internal sense of motivation can propel you forwards with momentum and drive. It is from this source that you have to find a reserve of constant energy to accomplish your goals.

People who are forced into their career or have only got to a certain point through being pushed or by these external forces of propulsion, will struggle after a certain point in time. Influencing factors such as parents pushing them forwards, money, inheritance and so on could be classed as this.

Internal propulsive factors such as you revising hard to pass exams, practicing your musical instrument and so on, stem from an internal resolve to succeed, that one has to possess to get as far as possible in life.

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Setbacks in life are natural and we can always learn something from them. Your ability to grow and move forwards with a new understanding and appreciation of life and your work, can be shaped by failure.

Many successful people have had to be turned down before they found glory. From authors taking their manuscripts to several publishing houses before one said yes, to musical artists not getting a record deal until trying many recording companies first.

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3. Making Goals

Goal setting is a great way to not only monitor your progress, but to also keep track of where you are heading next. It can help to break down large and more difficult tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. This way you can visualize the end result more easily and you have a set deadline for your progress.

You can help yourself to achieve more structured and concentrated work if you can see the end goal in sight. Daily accomplishments will seem far more worthwhile using this method.

Having goals can give you drive to propel yourself forwards and it can give you a sense of direction towards an end result. It will encourage you to use your imagination and to draw on the internal motivation that was mentioned earlier in tip one.

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Having contacts in whatever career path you are in can work wonders. Contacts are a way forwards for many people. Being humble, friendly and approachable will mean that people will want to work with you. You will gain more admiration and followers if you can keep a level head about you and not get carried away or swept up in success.

Remembering your roots and where you came from, as well as family and friends from before your successes, truly makes a person humble. Kindness and a caring attitude towards your staff, colleagues and everyone you come into contact will teach you more about humanity.

A great leader is also someone who is willing to go all out for their friends and to put themselves forwards for difficult tasks. You will win more friends and make far more contacts in your career and life through developing a more humble attitude.

To do this, take time before you speak or respond to situations and always plan ahead. Reliability and dedication will also help you to rise in peoples estimations of you and of your achievements.

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5. Be Persistent

Being persistent is one the key ways that you can succeed in life. This strongly correlates with the saying that ‘practice makes perfect’. This is because failure will undoubtedly cross everyone’s paths at some point. It is those who carry on when faced with difficult times or situations that can go the furthest in life. This sort of person will ultimately succeed the most at what they do.

Persevering in the face of adversity and making sacrifices to reach your goals are what makes a truly successful individual. However, it is still crucial to find a balance between your persistence and end goals and your family life. It is of vital importance to not become narrow minded in reaching your targets.

An open mind will mean that you have a stronger sense of awareness for the people around you whom you love and hold dear, and how to balance your personal life with your career. It could be lonely at the top if you make sacrifices that are too great, so remember to persevere in both areas of your life to gain true happiness. Seeking a balance is a key point to keep in mind.

 HappyCredit: dhester 6. Finding Happiness

Remember that ultimately, being happy and healthy in life are the most important things. Nobody wants their success to be at the sacrifice of their health or happiness, and so remember to hold fast to your values and beliefs. It is these that will help shape the direction your career heads in and also in how you run your business, company, empire or brand.

A true sense of happiness can only be found when you are truly at peace with the life decisions that you have made. When you can really appreciate your family and friends around you, this is also part of being truly happy.

In addition, you have to be happy internally with the person that you have become. If you are not pleased with what you find or see in yourself, then actively look for ways to adjust this. For example, volunteer in your local community, join a political group to help contribute more to your society or help a charity out in some way or raise money for them. Doing good for others will help keep you humble, provide you with resolve to achieve more, and will aid you in your quest to find happiness too.

I hope that these tips can provide some useful advice on the mindset of how to find success.

Below is a YouTube video featuring an interview with actor Will Smith, where he discusses his secrets for success in life.