If you are planning to take a vacation in London, you should always try to see the 7 best museums in London. Every country has its own centers of art and culture in the form of museums that many people definitely will enjoy.

Some of the world’s most famous museums are actually found in London and that is why if you have the chance to visit there, you should check out these impressive structures. Here are some of the best museums that you can go to in London.

The British Museum

If you want to know more about the British art, culture and history, you should definitely visit The British Museum. In this museum, you can see different artifacts. These artifacts range from the Elgin Marbles to Egyptian mummies and different ancient weapons and armor. There are a total of about seven million different precious artifacts in the museum.

You could definitely make the most out of your every visit because there is so much to see and learn. You can choose among different programs in the museum, which include gallery tours with guides and talks which can truly help you learn and appreciate British art, culture and history even more.

Tate Modern

One of the best museums that you should also visit in London is the Tate Modern. In this museum, you can see contemporary art galleries featuring some of the best art pieces. Works of great artists like Picasso, Monet, Man Ray, the Chapman brothers, Warhol, Bonnard and others can be seen in this power station, which was eventually turned into a museum. The Tate Modern can be found in the south bank of Thames where you can truly be amazed by various creative masterpieces which are famous all over the world.

The Royal Academy of Arts

You should also visit one of the museums which truly give proper recognition to various artists and architects in London. This museum is considered to be a public art gallery known for hosting different exhibitions of world known artists like Van Gogh, Sargent and Kapoor. In this academy, even local artists are also given the chance to be able to showcase their artworks through their Summer Exhibition. Thus, if you want to see different works of local and foreign artists, The Royal Academy of Arts is the best place to visit.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

If you want to be able to see a worldwide art collection that spans almost 3,000 years, you should definitely visit The Victoria and Albert Museum. You will truly be impressed by its elegant architecture and vast collection of artifacts from the ancient world. You will also be fascinated by their modern art collection as well.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery houses some of the best collections of paintings that have been created as early as the 13th century. If you are a fan of some of the world’s most famous paintings, you should not miss visiting The National Gallery where world known Western European masterpieces can be found.

The Museum of London

If you want to visit the largest urban history museum in the world, you should definitely go to The Museum of London. You will have a clear view and appreciation of London’s history in this museum. It houses collections representing different periods in London’s history up to the present time.

London Transport Museum

Whether you are a fan of different vehicles or simply a fan of museums, you will definitely enjoy the London Transport Museum. This museum houses a huge collection of the different modes of transportation that have been used in London from the ancient to the modern times. The collection includes different kinds of trains, trams, bicycles, buses and carriages. This museum tells the story of how transportation truly developed in London since the early times.


These are just some of the best museums that you should not miss visiting in London. There are a lot more museums that you can find in London, but these can be considered as some of the best. You will not only let your eyes enjoy the scenery in every exhibit or collection, but you can also learn more about the history, art and culture of London and be better able to appreciate the beauty of every artifact you see. The 7 best museums to visit in London can truly make your vacation a one of a kind experience.