The Internet is a great source unlimited source of information. You can also entertain yourself by playing games, watching movies, and so much more. Some people have their own online businesses and their own websites. Unfortunately, the Internet is also a playground for computer hackers. These predators will try to steal your identity, credit card numbers, bank statements, or whatever they can use. They will try and enter vulnerable systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The good news is that you can do many things to protect yourself from these parasites. The following 7 tips can help protect yourself when you are surfing the World Wide Web:

Install Anti-Virus Software

When you buy your computer, you should get anti-virus software. Install this software before you surf the net. be Sooner or later, someone will try to hack into your computer. You do not want to be vulnerable to a virus. Using your laptop without this software is not wise. Viruses can do enormous damage to your system. There is no reason to take this risk. Computer experts suggest that you get more than one anti-virus software. If money is a problem for you, there are free software applications that you can download such as Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG. There are other good applications available. You should go to your local technology store and find the software that is best for you. Running a virus scan on your computer is recommended at least once a week. It is even better if you do this more often than that. If you want your system to run faster, you should scan it when you are offline. Do not use your computer if you are not protected because you may regret it.

Install Anti-Spyware

It is essential that you install anti-spyware. Sometimes information is collected without your permission. Without this software, you are a greater risk of having your identity stolen from hackers. They can have access to your passwords and emails. They can use this to ruin your reputation. It could also affect your family and friends. Do not take this risk. Spy Sweeper is an outstanding anti-spyware software. You should run this application at all times. You can download free software on the Internet, but be careful. Some of these spyware websites contain malicious codes. You should ask a tech expert at your about the safest protection.

Install Firewall Protection

Firewalls allows web surfers to protect themselves fron Internet traffic. Getting a firewall is important for protecting yourself from hackers. They protect your computer from crashing and preventing important information from being deleted. Make sure that your firewall is always activated and keep it updated. There are many good firewalls on the market today. and Shop around and find the best one for you.

Keep Your Software Updated

This cannot be stressed enough. Technology is constantly changing and you always want to be updated. You do not want to run outdated programs because they are easier for hackers to steal information. You want your software to be able to catch any security vulnerabilities before they have a chance to harm your system. Microsoft Windows provides excellent security updates. It often provides weekly or monthly updates. Firefox is another outstanding application. Make sure that your software is always updated.

Use Strong Passwords

Take your time when it comes to creating a strong password. This is your lifeline to your Email addresses and websites that you may visit. A strong password can go a long way toward protecting you from hackers. You should also use different passwords for different accounts. You might consider changing them from time to time. Make sure that all of them are an alphanumeric combination. According to one study, the most vulnerable passwords are "123456" and you want to avoid these. Caution: Do not give anyone your passwords, including your family and friends. 

Do Not Read Unknown Emails

If you do not know the person sending the email, then do not open it. As a matter of fact, even if you do know them, you should be cautious. Your friend may unknowingly send you a malicious code. Hackers often use techniques such as phishing and spoofing techniques to  attack unsuspecting users. So, you may think that the email is legitimate, but it is not. If you do not know the sender, then delete it, especially if it comes with an attachment. If you download an attachment, it can do damage to your computer. Email accounts have different levels of protection. You should study them carefully. You should consider using Gmail because it offers an extra level of protection. No matter what account you choose, do not open email from someone you do not know.

Make Sure That You Turn Off Your Computer

This might be the best advice when it comes to being safe online. When you are finished surfing the Internet, make sure that you log it off. Make sure that everything is shut down. If you were on a social media site, make sure that you are signed out. If you were looking at your emails, make sure that you have signed out. When you turn off your computer, you decrease the chances for hackers to get into your system, because you kill their connetion. This is a simple tool that you can use to protect yourself.

The Internet is a wonderful tool of information and fun. It can used to help people stay in touch with family and friends. We can use it to find a lifetime partner, start up our own business, or whatever we are interested in. However, a small number of people on the net try to terrorize people every day. This is a 24-hour job for them. tThey will do anything to steal your identity for their own financial gain. The important thing is to keep your security software updated. If you do this, you should have a safe and fun experience on the Internet.

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