I have spent many an hour listening to stories by authors that have published their work as a podcast. Reasons to listen to stories rather than read them, can be because you want to do something else while you are listening/reading. A great example of this is the walking and listening. You can walk miles and miles listening to a story getting fitter by the step and not really feel the exertion because you are distracted by the narrative. I am always out walking the dog, often three times a day and listening to podcast novels certainly works for me. Great on a long journey in a car too.

Here are top authors I have listened to as I have been pounding the beat with my dog. We have here, four story tellers in this list

  • J.C. Hutchins - Who describes himself as a novelist, screenwriter and a transmedia story telling guy. The writer who wrote Seventh Son
  • Tee Morris - Extraordinary writer that gave us Billibub Baddings and the case of the Singing Sword.
  • Basil Sands - Writer of Karl’s Last Flight, a gung ho story of misfit pilot of a space craft.
  • Scott Sigler - Contagious, EarthCore and Infected all science fiction examples of his novels. Prolific is a good word to describe Scott. He just keeps them coming.

Seventh sonJ.C. Hutchins - The first of his I listened to was 7th Son Book One- The Descent

It has a good start to it, which is always a great thing to do with a story whether it is an audio book, podcast novel or if it is ink on paper or possibly read from an eReader. J.C. Hutchins has now got this book into print with St Martins Press and has changed some of the details of the book, significantly. There was a point in the story where one of the characters had to be moved into a totally different situation to make the story work better. All part of the fun of having the person whose job it is to be an editor, making suggestions about where you the author might change things to make the story better. Then it is all part of being a writer to have to do re writes. The start has a U.S. President having been killed by a four year old boy, something to grab your imagination by the collar and have you wonder what the hell is going to happen next.

The next part of the story then focuses on seven men that have been kidnapped and all brought together. They don’t know it, but they are all part of an experiment in cloning. They all have the exact same childhood memories and despite the minor physical differences, they look very much alike. The book follows the story of them having to capture the culprit behind the assassination of the President. It is very much a boys story and you have to be willing to suspend disbelief during the mad rush from start to finish. It will hold your imagination if you like that kind of story, and you will want to get to the end of the book in an addictive sort of way.

Billibub BaddingsTee Morris - Billibub Baddings and the case of the Singing Sword.

The story is a detective story with a difference, the main character being a four foot one dwarf from another realm, a fantasy realm. He is dropped into the Chicago of 1929 and the period of prohibition. There are historical references, in that his nemesis is none other than Al Capone the gangster, and this is just after the ‘St Valentine’s Day Massacre’. There is a certain amount of poking fun at the gangster novel. It is read in the style of the detective narrating what is happening during the story, in proper gum shoe style. The hero of the stories’ name is a couple of times removed from the Bilbo Baggins character of the Lord of the Rings and Micky Spillane had a guiding hand in the style of this podcast novel. A mix and match approach to genres can come up with something interesting and that is exactly what happens with Billibub. Tee Morris does a great job of creating a very entertaining story. Go and subscribe to it for free in Podiobooks.

Karls Last FlightBasil Sands - A science fiction based story mixed with international terrorism intrigue - Karl’s Last Flight

Karl ends up crash landing in an unknown country due to a series of bad luck in small doses, that just adds up to a really bad situation. He has to fight his way through a load of spies, secret police and mad Saudi millionaires to get himself to safety, and to not cause a world war in the process. As the author says, it is a wild adrenaline filled ride and more suited to those of us that like a good rollicking adventure story. Basil reads the story well, which is important as there is nothing worse than a badly read story. There are pauses for breath and the momentum is kept up as you listen all with way through twenty chapters. There are flash backs to a previous time to do some explaining of threads relevant to the present day story. There are betrayals and intrigue all making a story you have to finish, right to the bitter end. You have episode titles like Hell in the rearview mirror and Air Combat so that gives you an idea of just what to expect.

EarthcoreScott Sigler - Whose voices gets squeaky to do the female dialogue of his stories.

Aside from the occasional squeakiness of the voice the stories will hold you until the end, and you will be entertained by the crazy science fiction, where anything can happen anywhere. In Earthcore a company is drilling deep down into a three mile mine shaft to find a deposit of platinum, the largest ever discovered. Of course it is not going to be easy and straight forward. The mountain’s history is clouded by hundreds of years of murder, mayhem and insanity, affecting anyone attempting to plunder it’s secrets. Artefacts connect the metal discovery of the mountain to other parts of the continent of America and the greed of the mining company has to battle something terrible and completely unexpected, in an alien sort of way.

You can get the audio books for free from Podiobooks and probably iTunes, make a donation through Podiobooks if you enjoy the story. You could write some stories and podcast them, yourself just grab a microphone and start recording them onto your Mac.