What will you need after you come home from gender reassignment surgery? There are things you will need to get before you leave for your surgery so they are ready for you when you come home. The last thing you're going to want to do is run around and get all these things after you get home. Your surgeon will have recommendations as well of the things he or she would like you to have at home for your post-operative care, however here is a list of the most common items needed when you come home from gender reassignment surgery.

 Travel Case with wheels and a handle – When coming home from surgery it is a great idea that you don’t have to carry anything. Which is a great idea because you are not supposed to lift anything heavy for a while after your surgery. It doesn’t have to be a big one, you can get a small one that will carry your gear and not get too heavy with additional unneeded items. For example you will not need a lot of clothing due to being in a gown for most of your visit at the hospital and in aftercare. A cheap alternative to this is having someone come along to carry your stuff for you.

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Liners and Pads – your vagina is going to bleed and ooze for a while after surgery. So you should be prepared by having panty liners and pads. Get thick and thin ones so you are covered depending on your particular blood flow situation. There is no alternative to this, liners and pads are a must and cannot be replaced by anything, do it yourself toilet paper pads not withstanding. Stock up on them because for the first few weeks shopping is going to be uncomfortable.

Under-pads – get super-sized under-pad to place under you when you are sleeping. They will absorb any bleeding and oozing so your sheets don’t have too. You simply unfold them and lay them out on your bed when you are sleeping or dilating your vagina. Get the biggest size you can in order to cover the most area and you sheets will thank you. A cheap alternative to this is of course a large towel. But your going to end up washing it almost every day or going through your entire towel collection pretty quickly. They are also less hygienic and may lead to infections.

Extra Lubricant - you're going to need to have a lot of extra lubricant around for when you are dilating. At first I found that the more lube you used the better. You can get inexpensive lubricant from your local drug store. I suggest you avoid the ones with perfume and colouring as it is just extraneous. In fact any kind of additive may irritate your new vagina and cause additional discomfort. A cheap alternative to this is of course Vaseline. It usually comes cheap for a lot of it and will suffice as a lubricant in an emergency but is not to be used continuously for it may leave a residue build up inside you after a while. Mineral oil is also a handy alternative and it cleans up a lot easier than regular lubricant.

Moist Feminine Sanitary Wipes - These are very handy for cleaning around your new genitalia area and your bottom to make sure that it is nice and clean to reduce the chance of infections. Any kind of bacteria in that area is a no-no. A cheap alternative to this would simply be toilet paper or tissues, however they are dry and may irritate the area you are cleaning and they are not very hygienic.

Vaginal Douche Kit – your doing to need one of these that you can re clean and re use. After dilation you are going to want to clean your vagina of any foreign bacteria that may have gotten in there or any leftover lubricant residue. It will also wash away any blood and vaginal discharge that occurs while you are recovering from surgery. Keeping your vagina clean will promote healing and reduce the chance of infections.

Disposable Panties – Get lots of extra panties that you can throw away. If you get blood on a really nice expensive pair of panties then they are going to be ruined. It's a good idea to get some disposable ones you can use instead. A cheap alternative would be to just use your own panties and wash them a lot, however the blood stains are hard to get out and this method would be less hygienic than using fresh disposable panties. Get at least two weeks worth to be sure you have enough.

Anti Bacterial cream - You can get vitamin A & D ointment. It can also be Polysporin or Neosporin or any kind of anti bacterial cream your doctor recommends. There is no alternative to this, it is a must for preventing bacterial infections

A Hand Mirror - You're going to need a hand mirror to see what you are doing when you are dilating. Get a nice big sturdy one with a good handle so it will not break on you in mid-dilation. The mirror will allow you to see what you are doing down there and also helps you see what you look like; I know your interested. It will help you not to end up dilating the wrong place. A cheap alternative is of course, a cheaper mirror. You can also dilate without a mirror by just doing it by feel, but where is the fun in that?

A Sitz bath – A warm water bath used for healing and cleaning purposes. You sit in the bath and the water covers your private areas only where you splash and clean your privates. It helps to relieve pain and itching as well as muscle spasms. They are often recommended to relieve pain and speed healing after surgery. A cheap alternative to this is to simply use your bathtub and only fill it high enough with water to just barely cover your genitals and splash the area with water. A detachable shower-head also works in this situation. The bath may or may not contain medication depending on your doctors recommendations.

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Anti Bacterial soap – You need to have a good supply of this around. Bacteria is your enemy and can cause a lot of problems so use it to keep your hands clean when you are working around your genital area. You will be using this also to keep your dilators clean, a very important step in the healing process. There is not really a cheap alternative to this but take heart because it's not that expensive.

A Sitting Cushion – You are going to be swollen down there for a while so it's going to be a little difficult to sit for the first few weeks. Make sure you have a sitting cushion or an inflatable doughnut handy. The best kind I found were ones shaped like a donut that allowed the area we are concerned with to be suspended and not actually touching or under pressure when you're sitting down. There are nice inflatable versions you can get so they are compact and you can take them with you if you go out.

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Vitamin K – Vitamin K is very helpful for the blood clotting function of your blood. It helps you not to bleed so easily which may help a lot during the initial weeks of your healing process. It is optional however and if you have any doubts about it please discuss it with your surgeon.

Hand Sanitizer - Hand sanitizer is used for exactly what its title says, sanitizing your hands and other objects. It will help cut down the chances considerably of infections occurring. Used wisely it can also help prevent you from getting a cold or other viruses while you are healing. Certainly something you do not need during your post-operative time. I even used it to disinfected the toilet seat every time I used it just in case! You will need this, as well as the anti bacteria soap, every time you dilate. That's five times a day at first, so get a good supply. There is not really an alternative to this either.

Entertainment – Most important! You're going to spend a lot of time dilating so it's important to have something to entertain you while you doing it. Magazines, books or a tv near where you will be dilating will come in handy. Otherwise you stare at the ceiling the entire time which can get just a little boring and you most certainly don't want to fall asleep during the process!

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Remember every surgeon is a little different so they will recommend different things, however in general you are going to need most if not all of the things listed here. If your doctor instructs you to use a different method or products please do so. Follow your surgeons instruction to the letter. I hope this list helps you prepare for your aftercare and makes your healing journey a lot more pleasant. And congratulations on your surgery!!!

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