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Most days my garden is a calm and peaceful place where a number of sweet little gnomes happily dwell. I often stroll around my yard with delight at seeing the cute creatures in colorful outfits and engaging in various activities. But something happened last year on Halloween. It was something that changed the landscape of my little happy gnome garden, and it will never be the same. My tranquil garden became a little “creepy” with the invasion of a zombie gnome. The new little guy managed to change the vibe of the grounds from peaceful to rambunctious.  

Creepy Z

Creepy Z by DebW07
Credit: DebW07/Introspective Pics — All Rights Reserved

My initial thoughts about my Halloween figurine were, “Yikes! He’s going to ruin the harmonious vibe of my garden.” I felt as though the zombie gnome had invaded my territory, and I didn’t know what to do. There he was, a blue wild-eyed creature with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, he looked quite unsightly — until I took a second look. The longer I stared at the creepy little fellow, the more I began to like him. Sure, this little mischievousness prankster would add a weird vibe to my garden, but weird can be a good thing. I looked past the outside and was surprised to find a lovable and misunderstood gnome.

 This little zombie, whom I’ve named ‘Creepy Z,’ just wants what all his fellow trolls want, love. He’s a rogue little rascal that likes to play a prank or two, but he also responds well to love and will give it right back to you. I found that when you show him love you gain his trust, and he will repay you by scaring off any bad gnomes or animals that trespass onto your garden.


Four Seasons of Fun

Although my little Creepy Z is most popular around Halloween, he can be an attractive addition to your collection anytime of the year. Winter, spring, summer or fall Creepy Z brings smiles to all. This little guy is a big presence in the garden and four seasons of fun.

 Keep him indoors or out, this small fella is sturdy and robust. He can adapt to most environments, and he makes friends relatively quickly. A ghoulishly cute (in a homely type of way) zombie troll makes a great Halloween gift. He is the perfect present for that person in your life who has everything or for the friend or relative that enjoys a unique or a gag gift.  

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Gnome Creepy Gnome


If you find that an eerie little fellow has invaded your garden, don’t be scared. Embrace the spooky guy and show him some love; don’t worry, he’ll show it right back to you. All he’s looking for is a loving place to call home.

 If you show him a bit of kindness and welcome him into your home, he will return the gesture and bring a smile to your face every time you walk out to your yard. Like me, you’ll be glad you found this little zombie gnome, and whenever you think of your home sweet home, you’ll also think of your gnome, creepy gnome.

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Zombie Gnome


If you like zombies (and who doesn’t nowadays), you’re going to love this cute little zombie gnome. He is the perfect addition to any yard, and he is definitely a conversation starter. You can purchase a zombie gnome anytime of the year, but they are most prevalent during the fall months, especially around Halloween.

 For a dramatic and unique fall decoration display, use several zombie gnomes in your yard and add other menacing characters and decorations. Oh, and by-the-way, don’t take these little guys too seriously. Everything is tongue-in-cheek, and gnomes are just ceramic or plastic figurines with absolutely no power (in case you were wondering). But, they are cute — well, some of them are cute, anyway.

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