What is InfoBarrel?

InfoBarrel is a community of writers who spend their time creating amazing content geared towards helping readers either educate themselves or solve a problem. InfoBarrel is built in a manner that we reward our writers for creating this amazing content. Writers can choose to either donate their earnings to charity, or build a passive income stream through a number of advertising channels.

Essentially InfoBarrel shares the potential revenue generated by an authors content directly with the author.   We have created a venue for writers, media producers and other content developers to publish their material and create an extra revenue source. Not only do we want to help content producers, but we also want to attract visitors from all around the world with information that provides value to their daily lives. Whether the value is created through a simple how-to tie a tie article, a salad recipe or early Roman history, it is our goal to be your information destination.

History of InfoBarrel

The concept behind InfoBarrel came to us in 2007 while amidst a game of Raquetball and was merely a concept until we began developing the site early 2008. InfoBarrel launched in beta form on July 31,2008 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

As of February 2012, InfoBarrel has become one of the top 2500 most visited web sites in the United States receiving more than 2,000,000 monthly visitors. As of Feb 14/2012, InfoBarrel has over 88,000 registered members and over 90,000 published articles.

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The Faces Behind InfoBarrel

Ryan McKenzieRyan McKenzie - Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Ryan has been been involved in affiliate marketing over the last ten years but has always excelled with online marketing aspect of the business. His experience consists of SEO and Social Media Marketing Consulting for Hinzie Media as well as a number of years working within the Business Intelligence industry.
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Kevin HintonKevin Hinton - Co-Founder and Software Engineer

Kevin has over 10 years experience developing software for the web. Kevin has built a number of content management systems and specializes in building platforms capable of taking on extremely large volumesof traffic with minimal server hardware.
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