You may have already been aware of acupuncture's reputation as a miraculous treatment involving very little discomfort. In contrast, you have probably seen stories or photos in the media about the pain and discomfort of plastic surgery procedures like face lifts. Because of this, reports of acupuncture face lifts in the media have probably made them sound quite attractive to you. Who wouldn't like to look much younger without having to undergo a painful procedure with a long recovery period, like a face lift? Perhaps you think that the idea of acupuncture face lifts seems too wonderful to be true? Perhaps you're right. Despite this, you should continue reading, because there's also positive news.

An acupuncture face life is not truly a face lift as we know it. There are no stitches, incisions or acid peels involved with an acupuncture face lift, but it also won't instantly transform your face. While lots of expensive spas market acupuncture face lifts as if they were face lifts, an acupuncture face lift should really be termed a facial rejuvenation. If you think that an acupuncture face lift will have the same result as plastic surgery, you will be disappointed, as these procedures are really quite different. An acupuncture face life is an ancient facial treatment that will lessen the look of wrinkles and eliminate fine lines, but it won't result in turning back the years completely.

You can't deny that it took many years for your face to look as it is now. Many years of exposure to the sun, as well as to the vast array of environmental toxins present in the modern world, have created a situation that can't be reversed overnight. While acupuncture face lifts can have positive results, you can't expect them to radically alter your face in the same manner that a plastic surgery face lift might. And even plastic surgery face lifts often do not have outcomes that are completely satisfactory. For an easy reference, just check out all the celebrities with face lifts that have destroyed their features.

The American Cosmetic Acupuncture Association looks down on the term acupuncture face lift, as they feel that this term causes patients to expect results that are unrealistic. While cosmetic acupuncture can definitely help improve your skin, it won't transform it overnight into that of a 15-year-old. However, when used over time, acupuncture face lifts can help to alleviate wrinkles, lessen under-eye bags, raise stamina, control weight levels, alleviate insomnia, improve skin tone, and firm jowls. These are the very tangible advantages of experiencing an acupuncture face life.