Adobe Captivate is a piece of software, a powerful tool, which among other functions, can capture computer screenshots, mainly with the purpose of creating software simulations and demonstrations.

Able to convert Microsoft PowerPoint slides into Adobe Flash format, Captivate is also extremely useful to produce training material, providing the user with an interactive experience for practice and assessment, also by inserting randomly generated quizzes.

I have never used previous versions of Captivate and I am just starting to use this tool for the first time in order to create some eLearning training material.

If like me, you are also a new user of this software, you may have come across something a bit frustrating.  As soon as you ‘play’ your newly created project and review the screens you have recorded, you will not fail to notice that the sound generated by the clicking of the mouse is very distracting and annoying.

You may start to look in all the obvious places on the menu, to identify the option that will make your presentation finally click sound free, but don’t get your hopes up.

Something as basic, as turning the sound on and off, should be an easily identifiable feature, within the software main menu, but unfortunately that is not the case, the developers have buried this mouse function quite well.

After spending part of my day searching for the solution, by visiting uncountable forums and even the official help site, I have finally discovered the solution.

To spare you my wasted time, here are the screenshots explaining how to disable the mouse click sound.

How to disable the mouse click noise for the whole project

Step 1:

Within your project, choose any of your slides that have a mouse pointer.

Click on the pointer.

On the top right corner of the same slide click on Properties.

Adobe Captivate 1

Step 2:

The Properties tab will become visible. If the Mouse heading appears, great, you are already in the right place, otherwise press the Tab on your keyboard to make it appear. Remove the ’tick’ within the ‘Mouse Click Sound’.

Adobe Captivate 2

Step 3:

On the top right corner of the Properties tab, click on the curved arrow ‘Apply to all item of this type’.

Replay your slides and you should find that the click sound, that was associated with all those types of mouse pointer, has disappeared.

Adobe Captivate 3

Hooray, you've done it!

Enjoy it.