Times are always changing and sometimes they go full circle.  I remember when I was a teen I couldn’t wait to get out on my own and share an apartment with friends.  Things just seemed more affordable back then, although there would have been 4 of us squeezed into one apartment.

Fast forward a few decades and kids are burdened with massive school debts, high rents, low pay and more, struggling to get on their feet.  Keeping a house running orderly is the answer to many people living together as adults, and using a compact mini fridge can make a huge difference.  Kitchens and their supplies can be a huge source of arguments, especially the food supplies in the fridge.

compact mini fridgeCredit: amazon.com
Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge
Amazon Price: $49.99 $12.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2016)

Drinks or Snacks and Retro!

Whether it is for cans of pop or snacks that take up too much room in the main house refrigerator, these smaller compact versions take very little energy to use, and keeps their things separate from the household.  They can be kept in the bedroom and they stock it themselves.   It doesn’t have to be boring; this retro style Coca Cola mini fridge looks bright and cherry.  Holds 6 x 12 ounce cans or use for food supplies.

Compact mini fridgeCredit: amazon.com

Compact Fridge and Freezer

This tiny model packs a lot into a tiny space; it even includes a tiny freezer for ice etc.  Your kid, student, or boarder can keep their food supplies separate from the main house, and just bring them to the kitchen when they want to cook their own meals.  My son used one of these while boarding at his sister’s house.  Her main one was always full and it was hard to separate out a shelf for him, so he used one of these mini compact fridges for his food supplies that needed to be cooled, and had a cabinet for his dry and canned goods.  He would store any leftover supplies back in his own refrigerator so that they would be ready for the next day and not lost in the massive full one in the main kitchen.

compact mini fridgeCredit: amazon.com
Igloo Mini Compact Refrigerator
Amazon Price: $59.52 $50.90 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2016)

Retro Red Igloo with Window - Can Be Used in a Car

This model not only will house their drinks, snacks and food supplies that need to be cool, but it can also go with them in the car.  It offers two types of power units, one to plug in the lighter in the car or a regular socket in the house.  This one looks unique and cool and would proudly sit in any room.  Best on a desk or table to keep the air circulating at home.

Can Switch to Hot Mode Too!

This Igloo unit can also switch to a hot mode which is perfect for keeping ready to eat hot meals warm such as those roasted chickens etc.  I thought this was a cool way to take the pressure off the main home kitchen appliances.

Star Wars Compact Mini FridgeCredit: Amazon.com
Star Wars New World Premier Bb8 4 Liter Mini Fridge
Amazon Price: $57.59 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2016)

Star Wars Unique Mini Fridge

This unit also heats and cools and offers the ability to be plugged into a car or the house.  Adds some whimsy and retro feeling to a room, since it will be in plain view.

compact mini fridgeCredit: amazon.com

Compact Mini Kitchen

If you can afford the room, plumbing and the wiring, this is a complete mini kitchen that can be fitted in any room.  It has a compact fridge with shelves, crisper and freezer, as well as a sink and two burners.  It would also make a great temporary kitchen for anyone renovating, as takeouts can only be tolerated for so long.

Use in College Dorms

When my son went to college we purchased one of these mini fridges for him.  He loved it as the dorm pod he was in housed 5 students each with their own room, but just one common kitchen and living area.  The main fridge was always a source of tension as they tried to keep their food supplies separate and someone was always “borrowing”. 

He loved to eat stir fry’s and easy to cook foods, so by getting him his own fridge he could keep track and store his own supplies, then simply take them to the kitchen to cook.   Their rooms were all locked, so he could keep track of his own food.  Many students are on budgets and need to be able to make their own meals and keep track of their supplies and their budget.  He would shop every few days to keep his supplies up and they wouldn’t get lost or mixed in with others.

His mini fridge moved with him and lasted a good long time, until we gave it away to someone else in need of separate refrigeration at a tiny cottage.

Keep the Peace

You could also use these in the basement, garage or workshop areas for extra drinks and snacks that are kept cool. 

But you don’t have to get boring ones; they can be a part of the décor.  If you are going for the retro look, then getting a Coca Cola red one would look awesome.   These smaller ones take very little energy, but they should be kept on a table or desk with some clearance around them.


They work well in a garage.  Our garage is separate from the house and by stocking a mini fridge in the workshop, they are not wandering into the house all filthy to grab a drink or snack.  That used to drive me nuts.

So, on shopping day I simply would hand them a bag for the garage fridge and never have to worry about mine being overloaded with pops, beer and snacks.

They are a good investment especially in keeping the peace in the kitchen.  No more kitchen wars!