As you may know, from watching my drumming videos, I break a lot of drumsticks! I came up with a simple method to repair and protect drumsticks, but it simply wasn't enough. I didn't want to have to "operate" on my drumsticks after every single drumming session because they had decided to break on me halfway through!

Luckily, I received an awesome gift at Christmas time! A pair of hybrid aluminum/nylon drumsticks by Ahead.

I have played the drums for well over 10 hours with them so far, and they haven't even shown any signs of wear!

Don't get the wrong idea, I haven't been playing easily...I have literally be smashing them against the cymbals!

I don't want to spoil the review, so I'll let you read through it!

What Are They?

Ahead drumsticks. The bottom portion of each stick is made from aluminum, and the top portion is made from nylon. This combination makes these drumsticks extremely strong and lightweight.

Will These Aluminum Drumsticks Ever Break?

The truth of the matter is that I can definitely see an avid drummer breaking these every year or two. But the most amazing thing about them is that they can easily be repaired for a relatively inexpensive cost.

You can purchase a new nylon tip for the aluminum drumsticks and have a percussion store employee put them on for you. This will cost you less than $15 (from what the percussion store employee told me)!

The most truthful answer to this question is...

Yes, the aluminum/nylon drumsticks can break, but they can be fixed for less than $20!

How Do They Feel In Comparison To Traditional Wooden Drumsticks

The engineers at Ahead really nailed this one because they feel almost identical to the wooden drumsticks that drummers would traditionally use.

They are practically the same weight, and produce a sound on your drum head that is almost unrecognizable from the one that a wooden drumstick would produce.

The only essential difference is that they are stronger!

The same feel and same sound with more durability...sounds like a good deal to me!

Final Thoughts

All that I can say is "WOW"!

These aluminum/nylon drumsticks have lifted a massive worry off of my shoulders. I am no longer afraid to play the drums hard with worry of my wooden sticks breaking! This has allowed me to go "all out" in my drumming sessions, and translated to me producing an overall better sound and drum beat!

I would HIGHLY recommend that you get a pair because they are simply amazing!

Browse through the Ahead aluminum drumsticks on Amazon if you want these practically unbreakable drumsticks!

Take it from me...I’ve been drumming for many years and have literally broken thousands of dollars worth of drum sticks. Aluminum drum sticks are the way to go; however, the nylon tip on these Ahead sticks will also help to prevent you from cracking any of your cymbals.

Owning a pair of these is literally like owning a Ferrari when it comes to playing the drums!