Why are You Choosing Cleaning as Your Business?

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of home and business owners realizing that there are several advantages in using a professional cleaning service provider to do a thorough cleaning job of their premises on a regular basis. Therefore, there is a greater demand for experienced, reliable cleaners to do such work leading to a number of tremendous opportunities throughout Australia for people interested in starting a Cleaning Business.

You may already have many years experience of working as a cleaner and are attracted to the challenge of setting up your own small cleaning business with yourself undertaking the cleaning but, hopefully, earning more than you were doing working for someone else. Alternatively, you and a number of your work colleagues may wish to set up a new larger cleaning business together pooling your resources and expertise enabling you to take on more clients.

You may have a background of running a business of a different type but are attracted to the financial prospects of creating a successful cleaning business and employing cleaners to work for you.

Cleaning Franchise

How Can you Make it Possible?

So, how do you go about starting a cleaning business? You can leave your job, open a business account with your bank, arrange public liability and breakage coverage, purchase the required cleaning materials and products such as a suitable HEPA filtration vacuum cleaner, anti-bacterial mop, a large supply of micro-fiber cloths, sponges, brushes and a supply of environmentally friendly cleaning products and venture out to clean a few houses and offices.

That all sounds fine but where are you going to find your clients? You may have mentioned to a number of customers that you used to clean for, when working for a previous company, that you were setting up your own cleaning business and have been able to poach some of them from your previous employer. You can, at great expense, set up a website for your new business but that can take months for your site to start to get anywhere near page 1 of Google. You will no doubt want to place a few advertisements in your local newspaper and arrange to deliver thousands of leaflets in the local community letting people know that your cleaning business exists.

Another alternative is to purchase a Cleaning Franchise from a long established cleaning company who has, over the years, built up a valued reputation in the cleaning sector whether that is domestically, commercially or both. Yes, you may have many years experience of cleaning houses but it is another matter having to deal with everything else to do with running your own business such as marketing it.

Franchise Opportunity

Benefits of Purchasing a Franchise

A franchisor, as part of the initial franchise fee and affordable ongoing monthly fee, will provide training and support in running your business both in the initial and future stages, they will help and advice you on how best to market your business and, as a result of the franchisor’s own marketing initiatives on behalf of their franchisees, they should have a steady supply of customers who have contacted them wishing to have their homes or business premises cleaned. Those customer enquiries will be passed to you if they are in the territory you have purchased. The franchisor will provide you with an initial supply of cleaning materials and products as part of the franchise fee that can be purchased on an ongoing basis in the future. 

If you wish to own and manage a cleaning business having previously run a successful business in a different field and employ cleaners to do the work then a Master Cleaning Franchise may be suitable for you.