Have you ever examined a Christmas card with a mountainous scene with a log cabin nestled in the middle? Or have you ever looked long and hard at a turn of the century homestead cabin? If you looked closely enough you may have come to realize that the homes were in fact handcrafted log cabins.
Just because a home is made from logs does not mean that it innately has characteristics that draw you to it. Handcrafted log homes have a very strong magnetism. With grace and beauty which no other machine cut log home can hope to ever capture, handcrafted homes become the very top choice time and again.

A friend of mine recently, unknowingly supplied me with a very good illustration for this very point. She said that for several years in a row she always would attend the local live production of the Nutcracker. All of the actors were at least adequate and the music was enjoyable, but there was one older man who played a lead role year after year. With careful attention the viewer soon realized that his presence, talent, and love for the production are what captivated the audience and carried the plot. But for the last two seasons he has been ill and no longer able to take part in the play. His presence was greatly missed by the audiences and the attendance has declined.

Such is the tale of a handcrafted log home. This style of home almost possesses a mystery all its own. As you run your hand down the length of a wall log or across the surface of a character flair Handcrafted Log Home (36053)post standing in the grand entrance of a home you can feel the life, the vitality that is it's very treasure. Milled logs are shaved down until they march in nice neat little rows around the edge of the home. But handcrafted logs have only the outer bark peeled away to reveal the rich hues of the log lying beneath its camouflaged cover. Instead of perfectly round and smooth, the draw knife bites into the log and chews away the bark. Small flat ridges are left all the way around the circumference. Thicker butt ends and narrower crowns are left in tact; the walls created around it, instead of forced to fit.We all like to let our personalities show, and handcrafted log cabins allow the personality of each and very log member to shine through.

The mystery of these hand crafted log cabins deepens further with the inclusion of staggereHandcrafted Log Cabind flared ends of the wall logs. Very similar to the flair post standing in the entrance way of the home, any time a fluted post or log is used the bottom part of the tree is preserved. Fluted or flared refers to the irregular pattern found at the base of a tree just below the soil line. The flutes are gained from the root system beginning to flair out to the sides. When these types of logs are laid vertically on a wall then they become a wall log. The fluted ends are left to extend outwards on all of the exterior home corners and also on the interior of the home. To make this possible the mean diameter of the log needs to be increased from a 13 inch mean diameter up to a 15 to 16 inch mean dHandcrafted Log Staircaseiameter. These are heavy logs and also lovely.

So for something a little bit different that will give a home a lasting impression on visitors, a handcrafted log cabin is the way to go. Flexing the imagination, extending the arms out to reach for things which are not ordinary but are instead extraordinary is the path may handcrafted home owners find themselves on.