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Today I received a notification from Amazon that in order to continue my participation in the Amazon Affiliates Program, I needed to declare that none of my sites are directed at children under 13 years of age.

There are two important dates to keep in mind (if this new policy affects you):

August 31st, 2015: Amazon states they will "begin to withhold advertising fee payments to accounts that have not completed their declaration."

October 31st, 2015: Amazon will "close accounts that have not completed their declaration."

I'd hate to see any of my fellow writers online lose out on their deserved royalties, so I thought I'd put together this quick pictorial guide. It's fast and easy to complete.

Amazon Associates Instructions for Child Directed Policy Declaration
Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

Step 1:

Sign In To Your Associates Central Account

As shown above, you simply sign in to your Amazon Associates Central Account.[1] The letter I received included a link (which you can also access in the bibliography at the bottom of this page).

At the top, near the right you click on "Account Settings" (this is the red circle shown in the screenshot above).

The next page shown is called Your Associates Account (shown below). You simply click on "Edit your website list."

Step 2: Your Associates Account

Your Associates Account Page: Click On Edit Your Website List
Credit: RoseWrites

Step 3: Edit Your Website List

Amazon will show you a list of your websites. At the top is a handy little bar that will eventually show a green checkmark to show your sites are in compliance with the Child Directed Policy.

Next is the list that Amazon generated for me. I decided to add my blog (even though I haven't placed any Amazon ads or products on it yet).

You Can Add or Remove Websites

Amazon Shows You a List of Your Websites (Which You Can Edit)
Credit: RoseWrites / All rights reserved

Ensure Any Websites That Host Amazon

Ads, Banners, Special Links, or Widgets Are Listed

Check over your website list. Any directed at children (under 13-years-old) should be removed. Those that remain must comply with the "Child Directed Policy" if you use Amazon ads, banners, special links, or widgets from Amazon Associates.

I was surprised that up to 50 websites can be listed.

I added my blog and then selected "No" and clicked on "Next."

Select "No" and Click on "Next"

Ensure Website List is Up to Date, Select "No" and Click on "Next"
Credit: RoseWrites / All rights reserved

Wait For Confirmation

Lastly, that little bar at the top will show a green checkmark where it states "Confirm Compliance."

Be sure to wait until this last page shows up. 

It also provides written proof that you have complied with this new policy. At the bottom of this page, under "Websites updated" it states: 

"Your site list compliance has been updated. Any sites you informed us were directed primarily at children under 13 were removed from your site list."

This is your proof, should you ever need it.

Green Check and Confirmation Statement

NB: Take a Screenshot of This Page Just in Case

Compliance Confirmed (Amazon's Child Directed Policy) Green Check and Statement
Credit: RoseWrites / All rights reserved

Have More Than One Affiliate Account?

A fellow writer, Deborah-Diane, mentioned in InfoBarrel's forum that if you have more than one affiliate account, be sure to complete the declaration for each Amazon Associates Central Account.

She suggested adding all of your websites/blogs (that comply with the Child Directed Policy) to each of your website lists. That way, you are covered by Amazon's policy on all of your sites.

Still Unsure? Have Additional Questions?

The nice thing is that Amazon is always ready and available to address any of your questions. At the bottom of my letter it states:

"If you have questions or issues regarding your Amazon Associates website list, please contact Amazon Associates Customer Service."[2]

Again, the link is included in my bibliography at the end of this page.

Keep Calm and Amazon On!