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Not everyone is born with beautifully shaped eyebrows and some of us just need a little help. I researched online, went to salons, and on average I kept getting the same informaton on why my eyebrows were difficult to shape. If you like having to pay professionals regularly to help you with your beauty regiment; then that might be the thing for you. I have always enjoyed being a "do-it-yourself" kind of gal so I went on a search to find something that can help me. I love going to salons and getting advice but sometimes I didn't like the results. A complete stranger was trying to determine how my eyes should shape and, on average, we weren't on the same wave length. I would get straight lines with no arch to shape my face or they waxed them so thin that I was always having a surprised face. Clearly, I was fed up with these results and almost gave up entirely because I was mad and stubborn.

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 My eyebrow problems are:

- Both naturally shape differently and only one shapes perfectly on a full arch.

- The one that doesn't naturally shape to a full arch has a slight gap where a old scar used to be from my childhood. I had to get stitches and it disrupted my hair growth but I have been doing things to fix that so the growth improves.

This is the kit I purchased but for brunettes.

The one below is for blondes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express - Blonde
Amazon Price: $41.50 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 23, 2015)

My Kit

I purchased the kit for brunettes but I have included links for different colored eyebrows for you to look through. I really love the product line that Anastasia Beverly Hills provides and I haven't tried a product I haven't liked yet (if I do, I will let you know!).


Anastasia Beauty Express KitCredit: Anastasia Bevery Hills Website []What the kit includes:

- Brow Wax Cream

- Brow Powder Duo

- Eyeshadow Duo

- Stencils

- Angled Brush

The case the kit comes in is small enough to fit in my purse and looks like a small book. Everything is safely tucked inside for me to take with me when I go out but I have never had to touch anything up. The products stay well on my brows all day and the stencils made it possible to shape my brows the way I like.

Now, let's break these products down.

How the products work and help your brows

Brow Wax Cream - It is a very light wax cream that goes on easily with the angled brush and allows me to shape my brows. The cream keeps the hairs in place and is the first step I do before applying color. I like my brows to have a clean, nice shape to them especially before I go to work.

Brow Powder Duo- The two colors are light and dark to blend on to my eyebrows to find the right shade for me. Both work great and to add definition in color for my brows which blend perfectly.

Eyeshadow Duo- I LOVE the colors and they are great for everyday wear. Very soft and blendable because I mix & match with other colors I have. Really makes my eyes pop and my brows.

Stencils- These stencils are very long but I just used to shape how my eyebrows naturally are in length. I am still a newbie at shaping my brows so I was more aimed at finding an arch that both brows could maintain. I found that when I tried out the petite arch and plucked my brows to find I could do it on both. I am so happy!

Angled Brush- The soft but sturdy bristles makes everything go on smoothly and easily. I am taking good care of the brush because it works well.

**When you open the kit, you will notice a bult-in mirror to apply your products and best of all - Directions are right next to the mirror so you can glance when you need to and it helps when you take it on the go because everything you need is in this kit. I love how easy they made the product to apply and use. Very easy and convenient!

A bigger kit they have for brunettes.

Pretty and portable case too!

Anastasia All in One Brow Kit (7 Item) - Brunette
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(price as of Oct 23, 2015)
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Anastasia Beverly Hills has a kit to fit your needs.

Even if that means you have no brows to work with!

Anastasia Beverly Hills No Brows, No Problem Kit Brunette
Amazon Price: $105.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 23, 2015)

I am definitely a fan of this product!

I am having great results from using this product. I have found the perfect arch for both my brows thanks to the stencils and careful plucking. The colors blend great without making anything look drawn on but natural. Since my brows have been shaped, I don't need to use a lot of color even because they are growing in now the way I want. I just like the eyeshadow shadow to for everyday wear since I do like the shimmery effects. 

My whole face looks better because my eyes seem to stand out more and I have gotten some compliments. "Are you wearing more makeup or something?" My girlfriends ask me but it might be the kit cleaned up my face; or I might just be that much happier. It is funny how something so awkward for me can be that easily fixed by just doing my research and being patient. Now my brows are growing in and shaping the way I want naturally and not how someone else thinks they should. I am smiling a bit more and that is all I really wanted was to fix something that everyone else was telling me I couldn't.

I hope this review helps you find the product you need to fix your brow situation because this product helped me. I hope you like the product suggestions as well and good luck!