Anxiety and stress can become so severe that they can render you incapable of functioning. Before anxiety stress becomes a detriment to your life, take measures to getting the relief you need for good mental health. While not technically the same, anxiety and stress tend to go hand in hand.

6 Techniques for Anxiety Stress Relief

1. Watch your diet for caffeine, sugar and any substance that makes you feel jittery. Cut out all the stuff from your routine that does not make you feel good. Add more fruits and veggies, get rid of the processed white stuff, and get more vitamin and nutrient rich foods into your diet. The better you feel physically the more natural stress relief you will feel. Less stress usually means less anxiety as well.

2. Keep an eye on your environment to determine stressors and then eliminate them once you determine the source. You may not be able to eliminate your job, but you can eliminate elements in the work place which collectively add up to mega stress on the job. Little adjustments in your environment can help to minimize the symptoms of both stress and anxiety in your life.

3. Try to exercise more to reduce your stress. Get a good work out many times a week to help you keep stress, and anxiety to a minimum while increasing your general physical wellness.

4. Getting enough rest is crucial for managing stress anxiety as well. If you are not well rested, you will not be functioning at peak emotional or physical wellness. It is simply easier to cope when your batteries are well recharged. Incidentally, exercise promotes relaxation and assists in sleep as well, so you can kill two birds with one stone by getting regular workouts.

5. Keep your schedule balanced and reasonable to avoid family and work stress anxiety. Overloading yourself is one of the biggest stressors out there. We tend to take on too much and then wonder why we feel overworked and burnt out. Keeping your life balanced with enough time for yourself, family and work is a must.

6. If self helps are not working for you, know when enough is enough. Seeking the help of a professional for stress and anxiety relief is the best thing you can do when you are losing function. Get help before you get into trouble and let someone else help you sort things out before a crisis occurs.

While it may be impossible to eliminate stress anxiety, it is treatable and many techniques are helpful. In general try to keep you life relaxed as possible and being healthy in mind, body and soul are your best strategies for effective stress anxiety relief.