Are you struggling to control your diabetes?

How much do you know?

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At the moment research is being done to find a way to reverse diabetes and regardless what you may have read, the results are in no way conclusive. At this point in time diabetes is still a disease that has to be treated and managed. A proper program of self management can go a long way to stopping the disease from getting worse and at this stage that is the best course of action available.  

Are you at risk?

Prediabetes is a term that you may hear as well. Basically it is when you have blood sugar levels that are above normal when tested but are not quite high enough for a diabetes diagnosis to be given.  This is a warning signal that you are on track for some serious health problems. When you receive this information it's time to take action and possibly halt the progress of diabetes.  You must make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle and stop you developing a full blown diabetic condition. As the old saying goes "Prevention is better than cure" so staying proactive when it comes to regular health checks is imperative.  An annual visit to your doctor will help detect any potential problems.  

Are you living in False Hope?

Be very careful of those offering a cure for diabetes as they are giving you false hope when real treatment is needed.  

Type 2 diabetes (or what used to be known as Non Insulin dependent diabetes) can be self managed to reduce it's impact. A program that involves using the medications recommended by your doctor and living a healthy lifestyle gives you a better chance of slowing or even halting the diseases progress. If you've been diagnosed with Insulin Resistant or Type 1 diabetes a change in diet and the assistance of medication has the potential to improve the body's ability to absorb the hormone and stop your condition from getting worse.  

There have been suggestions from a study using the Pritikin diet that recommend eating small amounts of protein with every meal.  This was thought to help stabilize blood glucose levels but did not equate to a cure but another management option.  

Be cautious of individuals offering ways to reverse diabetes because at this time there is a lack of scientific evidence to support their claims. Julian Whitaker has written a cookbook that has some some delicious recipes but the suggestions made about reversing diabetes do not have weight of evidence behind them to be credible.  

Don’t be lead down the garden path

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The unfortunate situation for people diagnosed with a condition that at this time has no known cure is that they will be open to treatments that make grand claims but do not have the support of verified evidence.  The temptation to abandon more orthodox methods for an alternative approach can have dangerous implications.

Leave the research to those in the medical profession and stay focused on doing what will reduce the chances of your condition worsening.  This approach is the best use of your energies and can be done by all.

Listen to your doctor as this advice will come from research and studies that have had their conclusions validated.  So you benefit from a cure when one is found you can follow five of our best recommendations for controlling diabetes.

 Top Five Tips for Controlling Diabetes  

1. Eat a balanced diet.  Your health professional will give you guidelines to improve your nutrition. Don’t be concerned about specific diabetic type foods. A healthy diet is the same for everyone regardless.  A healthy diet includes a variety fresh fruit and vegetables and a reduction in processed foods.

2.  Move more. The current recommendations are 30 mins of exercise 5 times per week. Try and find an activity that you enjoy whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, etc. The positive effects of exercise on your health are massive.  While it will contribute to the control of your diabetes it’ll keep other health concerns at bay also.  While exercising your brain releases feel good hormones which makes your mood and state of mind much more positive.

3. The inclusion of tips 1 and 2 will lead you to the outcome of tip 3 which is getting your weight under control.  If you fall in the obese range then this will contribute to you having elevated blood glucose levels.  Reducing your excess weight reduces glucose levels.  A simple equation to understand.   

4. If you are prescribed medication then take it. Following your treatment is the best way to control diabetes as recommended by your doctor. The medication used will be dependent on your diagnosis. Insulin may be an option for a Type 1 sufferer. For those with type 2 you may be put on drugs to assist your body to overcome insulin resistance. Also you may be offered drugs to increase the natural insulin creation that's still occurring your pancreas. There are drugs that slow down how fast glucose is absorbed and others that block the release of glucagon - a hormone that inhibits the function of the pancreas. It may take a little time to work out the best options for you but cooperate with your doctors and follow their advice.  

5. If you have any other health concerns get them treated.  Are you a smoker?  If yes, then quit. If you’re blood pressure is high, do something about it. How are your cholesterol levels?  If they are high get them down.


You have so many options when it comes to battling diabetes and taking back control.  Listen to your health professionals and work on using these top five tips for restoring a normal life.