I love to draw and paint, and have always tried to make sure I got studio time during the daytime as I prefer natural lighting coming in through the window.

But sometimes it can be hard to find time during the middle of the day to work on my art, so I decided it was time to research art studio lighting that could serve more than one purpose.  I wanted a light that would not only brighten up the room, but give me that natural daylight I was looking for, but I also wanted good lighting that was true to colors for taking pictures to sell my artwork online.  I didn’t want to spend too much but I knew if I wanted more time in my studio space, then I needed to invest in a few fixtures to help with my business.art studio lighting ideasCredit: morguefile.com

You can lose a sale very quickly if you do not upload decent true to color pictures, and up until now I was using my office chair with a white sheet and my portable camera!  Good quality pictures are very important if you sell or advertise your work online, or even for brochures, events or to send to an art gallery or for juried arts and crafts shows.  The judges may only have but a few seconds to look at your work based on your picture and if it doesn’t look like the original, they will move on.

If you want to do more work after hours on your art or crafts, and are using simple living room lights you have in your house or hunched over the dining room table because that is the best light in the house, then you are not going to be working at your best.  That type of lighting is great for watching TV or entertaining, or even reading, but when it comes to arts and crafts that depend on color co-ordination, that type of light will not show your work well, and can be hard for your eyes.

art studio lighting ideasCredit: amazon.com
Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp
Amazon Price: $89.99 $60.88 Buy Now
(price as of May 14, 2016)

Daylight Hobby Floor Lamp

This is perfect if you love to have the room illuminated to do your work, or you could have it behind a favourite chair, but this emits as close to nature as possible and keeps the colors true.  Have you ever worked on a piece into the night that you thought looked great and went to bed satisfied until you saw it the next morning as the day dawned?  I have, so I figured it was time to try some proper lighting to extend my time in the studio.

art studio lighting ideasCredit: amazon.com

Touch Desk Lamp

The one thing I always hated about desk lamps, was the small circle of illumination they gave off.  You had to hunch over and keep your work within that tiny circle, which is a pain for me.  But this style of lamp illuminates the area and is easy to turn off and on with an easy touch.  It is portable and adjustable.  I love the flat clean lines, and would be perfect on the desk.

art studio lighting ideasCredit: amazon.com
StudioPRO All In One LED Product Photo Light Kit 24" Cube
Amazon Price: $99.95 Buy Now
(price as of May 14, 2016)

Portable Photographic Studio

I absolutely love this idea.  Right now I rely on rustic but acceptable ways to take pictures of my work.  I use my studio chair and drape a white sheet over it and place my artwork here.  I wait for the natural daylight to get to a certain spot in my office/studio so that it is behind me and then take a picture.  It works well, but limits me to the time of day I can take my pictures and slows the process.

By using a portable studio such as the one pictured.  The lighting and background are already figured, and you can take a picture of your products anywhere and anytime for a professional quality.  If you sell your works, this is a great asset, and if you know anyone who loves to sell their work but doesn’t want the cost of a professional photographer, then this would make the perfect gift.  If you get the lighting just right even higher end cell phones can take great pictures and you can get them online right away or out on your Facebook page, or blog.

art studio lighting ideasCredit: amazon.com
Daylight U31475 Artist Clip-On Studio Lamp
Amazon Price: $77.93 Buy Now
(price as of May 14, 2016)

Larger Artwork Studio Floor Lamp

If you love to do larger works on the wall, then you need lights that will illuminate the entire canvas or space you are working in, evenly.  This style of professional light is hands free and does a good job of lighting up the canvas or wall without shadows.  Not all studios can have the best natural window, so investing in one of these will help you to utilize more time in your studio doing what you love.

lighting for artwork cordlessCredit: amazon.com

Cordless Lighting for Artwork

Whether you need to really have some focus on your pieces in your studio or at arts and crafts shows, investing in cordless lighting is totally an asset.  You could put your best piece on a portable wall in your arts and crafts booth and then attach the cordless lighting.  This takes batteries, but is perfect for shows as there is usually very limited if any access to power.  By illuminating your art, you will draw attention to it, which is fantastic if it is a sale you are after.  You could use this on a few of your best pieces.  Just keep a good supply of batteries on hand at shows.

I went to a few art tours, where I was drawn to pieces that were lit up.  This is a natural brightness so it will not interfere with the colors in your work, but is a great way to draw attention to it.

Take a look at your budget and the type of art you do,  and decide the best type of studio lighting for you and invest in the right products.  I have found online to be the best source to save checking out every store in town, as I find most lighting stores carry household instead of studio, so it is worth checking online and comparing prices.