If you use an artist’s easel, whether a stand-alone one or a desk top version, keeping track of your brushes can be difficult especially if you work outdoors. 

Yes many of the easels come with drawers but while you are in the middle of a painting, especially if

artist easel brush clipCredit: pixabay.com

you are outside or en plein air painting (on site outside).  They can easily roll into your painting, or end up on the ground full of dirt as there simply is no surface area to lay them down. 


Easel Brush Clip

Each easel clip has two brush holders so you can keep track of them at all times and other supplies such as your pallet knife and more.  You can put one on each side, for used and clean brushes or simply to keep track of your favourite ones to quickly grab while painting.  If you don’t even use an easel but like to balance a artist board or canvas on your knee, they can still clip to the side of your panel so they are right there.  Having them at eye level means you can pick your favourite one right away.

These can also clip to the side of a drawing table (I used an angled drawing table in my studio and the brushes end up rolling around on a portable cart beside me!).  This way I am not using too many surfaces to deal with my supplies.

artist easel brush clipCredit: amazon.com

Brush Holder That Separates the Brushes

This one is a similar idea to the one above but attaches with Velcro so you can change the position at anytime on your easel, studio desk or artwork.  This clip has gripping fingers that grab the brushes and keep them separate at all times.  But at the same time it is not hard to haul them out quickly when you need them.  This is another option if you don’t want the brushes touching each other while you are working.

artist easel brush clipCredit: amazon.com
Accurasee AccuClip, Copy Holder for Artists
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(price as of Aug 30, 2018)

Copy Holder Easel Clip

This is something I definitely need.  I like to paint and draw from my own photographs and sometimes print them off from my computer and tape them to my drawing board so that I can use as a reference.  This clip is a much better idea as it will hold the copy exactly where I need it at eye level without taping it down or trying to hold on to it leaving more surface area for me to work with.

Obviously I am behind the time when it comes to artist accessories.  It is amazing just what we put up with to make things work, when someone comes along and creates simple ideas that can totally take the stress off being creative.  I have had my copy photo fall to the floor or not be at the right angle, I love how this is adjustable.

artist desk top easelCredit: amazon.com
Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Adjustable Desk Box Easel, Natural
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(price as of Aug 30, 2018)

Portable Desk Box Easel

I know this article is about the easel brush clip but I fell in love with this desk top that is a great portable desk but also converts to an easel.  I saw an artist sitting at a picnic table in a park using one of these.  I like that it folds back down into a desk if you prefer to draw that way or for taking to art classes or anywhere you become inspired and yet it also has a drawer with three compartments and the easel adjusts to four positions.  You could store the easel clips in it and then you are ready to paint quickly.

artist easel brush clipsCredit: amazon.com
Easel Clips
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(price as of Aug 30, 2018)

Basic Easel Clips

These are perfect for securing watercolor paper or any paper to your easel to stretch it and to also stop it from blowing away if you are doing plein air painting, and keep it positioned if you are indoors in your studio.

If you love to use watercolor (that is my favourite art form to do) then keep the watercolor paper stretched and in place can get difficult as you move through the process of wetting the paper.  These are easy to store in an easel drawer.

artist easel lightingCredit: amazon.com
Daylight Company U33900 Professional Artist Lamp, 24-watt
Amazon Price: $189.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 30, 2018)

Artist Professional Lamp for Easel

If you are treating yourself to accessories for your studio or even just the corner of your home where you create, then having proper lighting can mean that you can get creative even when it is dark outside.   The natural daylight bulb is super true to color and is recommended for artists.

This will attach to any sized easel with strong clips and is totally adjustable to the angle you may need.  This is a good investment for the artist who works at different times of the day or when inspiration and creativity hit.

Gift Ideas for the Artist

If you have an artist on your gift list, any of the above would be a welcomed gift idea.  I personally have added the easel brush clip and the copy clip and these basic clips to my list.  It will definitely make my creativity time much easier to get started and to organize and to keep clean.gift ideas for the artistCredit: pixabay.com

Good lighting will always make the perfect gift for an artist, crafter or anyone who loves to create after hours or simply doesn’t have access to natural lighting.  This means you can have a basement studio or work after hours.  Maybe you like to work while everyone else is sleeping, either way this is designed to attach to an easel for the best lighting possible.

Definition of En Plein Air – A painting that is done outside rather than in a studio.  The term is derived from the French “en plein air” which means “in the open air” So if you are creating artwork such as a landscape by sitting in front of the landscape and painting it, you are painting …”en plein air” and if it is windy you will need an easel brush clip!

If you paint outdoors, just being outside can be a whole other set of problems with insects, wind and the weather, but keeping your brushes safe, clean and in some kind of order doesn’t have to be.  You could use a separate table for your brush supply (as I do) but this gets awkward and if the ground is not even they still roll away.

I may have come onto the art scene later in life, as it simply never occurred to me that there were options for your brushes such as these easel brush clips.  I simply hung onto the ones in use in one hand and rolled them around as I changed them out and basically coped.  I saw these in a commercial and realized what an awesome idea they were whether indoors or out.