Perhaps you have had a complete clean out and organized your home, if so pat yourself on the back as this can be a huge undertaking.

But what to do with the things you wish to keep?  Bulky items, seasonal items, off season sports gear and more?  Consider using the most under used space in a home, the attic.  We may have jammed the basement and garage full but most attics have some space you could use.  Yes it can be awkward and much easier to throw it in the basement or garage, but if you organize it and put the right flooring into your attic space you can safely store most items.

Attic Storage Solutions – Worth Investing in this Space

If you have ever taken a look up there you are probably thinking “I will fall through the ceiling since I will have to dance and balance on the joists”, or “there is too much insulation and I don’t want to damage it”, but there are solutions to this problem, and you can quickly turn this area into much needed storage.

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Attic Winch

One of the hardest things about stuffing things in your roof is getting it up a ladder and then onto the joists where it will be safe.  This is hard on your back and not the safest way to operate.  Trying to jam a tote box of Christmas decorations or sports gear up a ladder is hard to do.

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Versa Lift Storage Lift - 8-11ft. Lift, Model# 24F
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I was researching this very idea of how to utilize this wasted storage space.  There are some pieces of equipment that are worth investing in, if this is where you want to store things to get them out of sight and off the floor leaving your home organized but also with the ability to get them back down when you need them.

This is remote control and runs on 110 power, it will hold 250 pounds at a time and will definitely save your back.  It is easy to install, but you will need the attic entrance to be large enough to use this piece of equipment, but well worth the expense compared to commercial storage units.  

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AtticMaxx Shelving System - Set of 8 Attic Truss Storage Shelves
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Truss Shelving for Attic Space

I thought this was a brilliant idea, especially if you use totes to store off season things or whatever you want out of the main part of the house.  They fit right into the truss part of your roof out of the way and yet organized enough so that you know what is there.  Rather than simply piling totes, boxes and bags, put them neatly on shelves that are designed to fit the attic space.

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Metro Products 350405 Attic Dek for 16-Inch Joist Centers, 6-Pack
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Attic Flooring

There are lots of choices for the floor.  It can be a huge undertaking to floor the entire space, but is possible without disturbing the insulation.  But there are also quick options for smaller areas of flooring for storage.  The smaller tiles are installed over 16 inch center joists, and each tile can hold 200 pounds so now worries of walking or storing on these.  Lay these down and then add the truss shelves and you quickly have an area ready to go.

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Or you can use the other system of covering the entire floor space.  This system is installed right over the joists and won’t disturb your insulation.  Making the floor safe to walk on which is great for storage as well as any maintenance you may need to do in your roof.  It all depends on your needs.  If you get the “stuff” down to a manageable size you may only need a corner.

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AtticTrac Plus 7100-1 Easy Access Storage System, White
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Commercial Storage Units are Expensive!

Mini storage units in town can get super expensive when you add up the monthly fees and then you need to go to the unit to retrieve your possessions.  If you own a home or even if you are renting it is worth speaking to the landlord about utilizing some space in the attic for your storage.  Most of these floor systems are not disruptive to the insulation values.

Have a Good Clean Out

The easiest way to store things is to have as little as possible to store!

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Take a room at a time in your home or space and create three areas.  One for definite garbage (unusable items, broken items) Second pile for “donations” and third pile for “keep”, the idea being that the keep pile becomes much smaller and easier to manage.

This works for any room including the garage and basement which are huge areas where things tend to get tossed.  As I was on my walk today I saw a family cleaning out their garage which was a beautiful 2 car style but was jammed with “stuff”.  They decided to drag it all out onto the driveway and created these areas.attic self storageCredit:

Nothing was allowed back in other than the “keep” pile.  They filled their cars with donations and even got the charity of their choice to come and pick up the rest as there was a lot.  It is good to do this once in a while as this will cost you to move it.  Now they can park their car in the garage!  We all pay such heavy taxes and rents for our homes, why not get the full use of your home?

Wall Racks and Roof Racks Work Too

You can get heavy duty racks for your walls and the ceiling of your garage, but if you don’t want anything in this space then look to the attic.

Make sure you label all the totes and bags before storing because you may not remember a year later what is in them, and having labels will definitely help.  You don’t want to be up in the attic tearing lids off and opening bags trying to figure out what it is.

Attic Storage

If you want to finish your basement and use every corner leaving no room for storage or you want that man cave in the garage that doesn’t include boxes of Christmas decorations, sports gear, or granny’s china then utilizing the attic is the perfect option.  Just create the floor space needed up there and the right shelving and a way to get it up there without hurting your back and you can ditch those commercial expensive storage units in town. 

Hope these ideas have inspired you to think about the most under used and forgotten space in the house.