I personally have always loved the industrial or warehouse look for décor.  I especially love the exposed old brick walls, and the look of the heavy metal, and you don’t have to have this type of space to create your own rustic décor.

You can purchase faux brick walls, or use a painting technique to add to this styling, but simply adding a few rustic and unique looking industrial table lamps will add some interest.  My sister is an electrician that specializes in lighting and she was always amazed how many clients wanted good lighting but something that would simply “disappear” into the background.  Why not make it front a center?  Make it something cool to see even when not in use?  Make it part of the décor.  Most fixtures are an investment; why not make them count as part of your space?

industrial table lampCredit: amazon.com
Industrial Style Table Lamp - Pendant Edison Bulb - Copper Shade
Amazon Price: $185.00 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

Copper Shade Industrial Table Lamp

Mixing metals is another way to add interest, this one has a copper shade and the heavy iron fittings, and also handmade in the USA.  Before you start digging through estate sales, check out the supply online as these have the old world styling but with the SAFE and modern electrics.  They are realistic with the fabric look covered wires and with the right bulb; this really adds the rustic look.

This one will stand out and be noticed even sitting on a desk, or end table or hall table.  Don’t hide them!

industrial table lampCredit: amazon.com

Plumbing Pipe Desk Lamp

This one is really rustic, but definitely unique, as it is created from plumbing fixtures and wired so that the red valve handle is actually the on/off switch.  This would be a great gift for a dorm or a housewarming if you know someone who likes things a little different.  It only stands 12 inches tall but doesn’t need to hide.

I found online to be a wonderful place to find rustic and industrial style lighting for everything from desk lamps to huge chandeliers to bathroom pendants.  Many of my local standard lighting stores and home improvement stores simply do not carry much of this look and yet it is very popular.

industrial table lampCredit: amazon.com
Amazon Price: $66.00 $53.79 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

Vintage Style Teak Wood Tripod Light

This one has the rustic look with the caged bulb and sits on a tripod and can adjust.  I just thought this would be a different gift idea for a desk lamp.  If it is going to sit on a desk where it can be seen, find something that suits your personality instead of the hundreds of cookie cutter styles in the home improvement stores.

If you rent your space, adding lamps along with your style of furniture can transform a room without renovation.  

industrial table lampCredit: amazon.com
Oldham Industrial Uplight Table Lamp with Edison Bulb
Amazon Price: $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

Franklin Iron Works Upright Edison Style Light

This company creates a lot of unique industrial lighting especially the lamps.  The caged bulbs were common in warehouses and it has been resurrected for this look but with the obvious difference of being modern and safe electrics.  This one has a bronze rust finish over metal, and just adds some charm.

Why settle for boring?

Industrial table lampsCredit: amazon.com

Edison Style Bulbs

My sister (electrician) would quite often get customers who had found antique and warehouse lighting fixtures at estates sales, antique stores or even garage sales and would ask her to install them in their homes.  She would have to tell them that these fixtures had to be “rewired” to meet modern rules and codes.  Many would be disappointed as they wanted the old fabric cords to be a part of the look but they were DANGEROUS. 

So yes you can get old fixtures rewired, but be prepared to pay as this can be labor intensive and has to be inspected.  So if this style appeals to you, go searching online, start with the above examples and hopefully they inspire you to go shopping!  They are an affordable option as they look the part right down to the cords and bulbs.

You can purchase modern Edison style bulbs that look the part without the worry of fire or overheating.  These bulbs can totally make the difference when it comes to many of these fixtures.  You don’t want to see old world clashing with modern bulbs.  So stay safe by using approved parts.  You can find these online also.

Eclectic Look

Another popular look is to decorate a room with odds and ends, nothing really matching; this is perfect for the strict budget.  Head to estate sales, garage sales etc and find unique looking tables, chairs, or even take the hand me downs offered, and then add some industrial flavor to tie it all together with floor or desk lamps, and you have your own personalized look.

So don’t hide the lighting, make it count.  You want decent lighting for reading etc, but it doesn’t have to be boring.   Remember safety first, so maybe skip the old fixtures you find in second hand stores unless you have the money to have them rewired, find modern electrics but in old world style for safety and enjoy and have fun with your space.  It is your soft place to land at the end of the day, so make it yours!