Paying attention to your body

Taking Action

You're stressed and you know it. So now what do you do, and how to you manage the levels of your stress?

Let us continue to explore the concepts and the idea of the three foundations, that can aid us in our quest to lead a balanced life, and mitigate or even eliminate our stressors.

One of the  Pillar focuses the attention on the  body. 

Balanced body requires an understanding that not all the ingredients for balance will be the same for everyone. However, grasping the idea of being aware of your mind and body will allow you the ability to know what your specific ingredients will be.

 Some factors that may cause an imbalance to the body:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Chronic pain/injury
  • Lack of exercise/physical activities
  • Illness

It’s very obvious that some of these factors are in our control, and some are not. Nevertheless, it is still possible to achieve a life in which we are able to acknowledge, asses and resolve our stressors.


Treat your body well and reap the benefits. You’re looking for a way to manage your stress, at work and in life. Here is a small tip that can get you started. It's nothing you haven’t heard before, but it’s always good to have as a reminder.


Be conscious of the foods you consume, the calories you accumulate versus the amount you burn off in a day. If you’re eating fast food, processed foods or meals cooked in heavy amounts of oil, you could find yourself tipping the scales metaphorically and literally.


Maintain an active lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you need to spend 5/6 days of the week in the gym. However, participating in activities that allow the body to generate healthy sweating, and healthy elevated heart rates will ensure your body stays regulated. 


We put ourselves through a lot, so it’s only fair that we give ourselves the time we need to regenerate. The body functions better with an average of 7-9 hours of sleep. This gives us enough time to rest and repair any damages caused by wear and tear from our daily activities.

Is your body balancedBalancing your body

Is your body balanced? Once you have asked yourself, it’s best to take action by assessing these things. 

  1. Your Food
  2. Your Exercise
  3. Your Sleep

Step 1 requires you to make a list of what you like and don't like. Step 2 is taking actions necessary to move you  along towards your goals. Action cannot be completed unless you physically do something. Make a dedicated schedule for your bedtime. You don’t have to be asleep, but make sure you’re in the bedroom at a reasonable time, and have made preparations for sleep.

If you have made it to step 2, you must have a number of items on your “Likes” list that involve physical activity. Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to be exclusive to the gymnasium. Be sure to incorporate exercise and various physical activities into your weekly routine. Managing your stress has plenty to do with how you manage your lifestyle. Definitely be aware of the meals you eat. The better the food, the better your mood. Treat your body with respect and provide it with the luxury of good foods, and reap the benefits.

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