Municipal solid waste/ garbage fully automatic baling press.

Mixed municipal & industrial waste balers

Population boom has been at the biggest since last two decades and this has led to the spread of human populace all over the world.  Places which had been remote and obscure some years back are witnessing new constructions, amenities and international development.

With a population above 100 crores, India is one of the biggest conglomerates of human population in the world. Human growth is also followed by increase in the usage of raw and finished products and thus creation of waste products of all types and variety. The maximum boom has been observed in the use of non biodegradable waste which does not decay and remains in the environment for long periods of time. Unlike biodegradable waste which becomes a part of the nature after some time, Non biodegradable waste can cause trouble for the block and hindrances they cause in the environment resulting into enormous quantities of waste which can spread and make the land unclean and filthy.

To combat with this apocalypse, the Municipal Waste Management departments have come up with instruments and machinery which can compress and make this non biodegradable waste compact which becomes easier to manage.
The machines which are used to compact the waste are known as Baling machines and these are used to bale waste material like:
1.       Recycling Facilities
2.       Metal
3.       Plastic
4.       Paper

Waste material which is baled is easier to manage and to transport. These bales are further holded together by using twine, straping, netting or wire.

The bales can be made into different sizes like Rectangular, Square or Cylindrical.

Types of Baling Machines
1.       Round Baler
2.       Large Rectangular Baler
3.       Small Rectangular Baler
4.       Wire Balers
5.       Square Balers
6.       Industrial balers
7.       High Production Balers
8.       Extra Density Balers
9.       Cardboard balers, Plastic balers, Metal balers, Balers with conveyors and hoppers
10.      Low Profile Balers

The usages of different type of balers are specific to the industry in which it is used. Industrial balers can either manual which have small capacity or they can be large and more complex.
The Advantages of Baling Solid Waste materials are: -

1.       Ease of handling, transport and storage

2.       Bales are compatible with the recycling machines to recycle any waste which can be reused, like reusable plastic and reusable paper.

3.       The storage of such baled waste is more compact by which optimal usage of the storage space can be done for stocking the waste.

4.       At normal disposal, the waste that can be kept manually in 10 square feet of area would be around 10 to 12 kilos of waste. But this proportion increases highly up to 500 to 600 kilos of baled waste in 10 square feet of area.