If You Want to Become a Successful Bartender You Need to Know How to Open and Close

As a bartender, your job is not just to make drinks and serve them to customers. Your job duties extend to other areas such as sales, inventory, as well as preparing and closing down your workstation. This can include everything from managing the alcohol levels to calculating finances at the end of your shift. Below is a list of the opening and closing down a basic bartending station. If you are planning on applying for a job as a bartender, or are even just interested in getting into the profession, make sure you understand both of the procedures in detail.

Opening the Bar:

1. Use an ice bucket to fill up the ice bins at your station.

2. Check all of your tools. You should have all of the following clean and available for use immediately:Ice Scoop, Mixing Tins, Strainers, Muddler, Mixing Spoon, Bottle Opener, Blender, etc.

3. Make sure the liquor levels of all of your bottles are filled enough to get you through the shift. If not, restock them.

4. Make sure the levels of your mixes are sufficient as well. Including: Lime Juice, Cream, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice, OJ, Bloody Mary Mix, and Sweet & Sour mix. If not, restock them.

5. Make sure your Speed Gun is clean ready for use. Are all sodas, mixes, etc. working properly? If not, get them restocked and fixed.

6. Make sure garnishes are all restocked as well. If you need more, cut them or replace them from the premade supplies.

7. Make sure you accessories are all fully setup and ready for customers. Napkins, Straws, Stir Sticks, Toothpicks, Coasters, etc. If not, restock them.

Closing the Bar:

1. Put Hot Water into your ice bucket and use it to melt the left over ice in your bins.

2. Your bar will have 3 sinks, fill them up. The first sink should have hot water and cleanser, the second sink will be rinsing water, the third will be with water and sanitizer.

3. If your spill mats have liquid in them, empty them and wash them.

4. Wipe down your bar using damp rag with cleansing sanitizer, picking up any trash while you do so (crumpled napkins, used straws, tips, etc.)

5. Clean all glassware.

6. Replace clean and dry glassware back to its proper place in the bar.

7. Clean all of your tools and replace those as well.

8. Clean your drain boards.9. Clean your speed gun.

10. Next, drain your sinks and dry them with a rag.

11. Clean your speed rack and wipe down the outside of the bottles.

12. Check the levels of all of your liquor bottles. Fill any that will need it for the next shift.

13. Check the placement of all of your liquors. Put them back to their proper place if they were moved during your shift, preferably with labels visible to the customer.

14. Place leftover garnishes in the fridge if they are suitable for use during the next shift. Use plastic wrap to cover the containers for freshness.

15. Straighten up the bar stool area, sweeping the floor if necessary.

16. Finally, when you feel your bar is suitable to be used for the next shift, wait for your manager to inspect and give his approval.

That’s it!


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