With the expanding of the internet, there's enough blogs that someone could read ten everyday for the rest of their life and not even keep up with the new ones being created. We'll go over some techniques to help your blog stand out from the crowd.

1. Make your blog scannable


  • Only 16% of people read web sites word for word.
  • The average person only comprehends 60% of what they read.

In order to make your blog user friendly, it must be easy to scan. People should be able to look though a post and find key ideas fairly easily. Here are some tips to help:

  • List ideas.
  • Use bold, underline, and italics to draw the eyes.
  • Make sure your format is easy to look through. Write short paragraphs. Use bullets and lists.
  • Write about people's needs and worries.
  • Use Headings and sub-headings.
  • Keep the title and posts simple. Don't introduce too many different ideas.
  • Use pictures.


Using PicturesCredit: public-domain-image.com

2. Tips for Persuasive Writing

  • Don't try to please the world. Try to focus on your target audience.
  • Include a bit about the opposing argument and then refute it.
  • Present yourself as the authority on the subject. You are helping people find information they are seeking.
  • Do not switch between 1st, 2nd and 3rd perspective.
  • To establish a relationship with your audience, show them that you understand or "been there".
  • Make sure you research and use multiple sources to back your ideas.
  • Use repetition to reiterate your points.
  • Write about things you are passionate about.

3. Attracting more readers

  • Make sure that you update your blog on a regular basis
  • You can encourage engagement by asking for comments or asking an open question at the end of the post.
  • Ask and encourage readers to share content.
  • Understand SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Syndicate your blog through your social media accounts.
  • Participate in forums and comment on other posts in your niche. You can leave a signature or link (just make sure it's not spammy).
  • Invite other bloggers to write for your blog. You can also be a guest blogger for someone else. You can also submit good posts to sites that accept article submissions.
  • Choose a tone, voice and personality. Then stick to it. Don't confuse your readers. You are branding your blog.
  • Build an email list to retain your current readers.

4. Quality Content

  • It's okay to get ideas from other people. Ask friends, look to other blog posts, and invite guest bloggers.
  • Reviews are great. People love reading reviews, whether you hate or love something.
  • Problem solve effectively. Find the issues in your niche and propose solutions to your audience.
  • Write about events in your niche.
  • Ideas can come from movies, books, TV, celebrities, news and more.
  • Ask your audience and fans what they would like you to write about. This is very effective because you know the readers are looking forward to the post.
  • People also love tutorials and how to's.

Master those four techniques and you'll be well on your way to having a great blog. Have any special techniques you use or tips I didn't cover? Share them in the comments!