bathroom window treatments

Bathroom windows are multifunctional.  Aside from letting in fresh air and sunlight, they also get rid of the odors and humidity from the bathroom. However, windows can also cause an invasion of privacy if you don't cover them properly.  It is still important to get the right bathroom window treatments, even if your neighbor's property is not overlooking the bathroom window of your house.

Ideas for bathroom window treatments

Choosing bathroom window treatments is slightly different from choosing window treatments for other rooms. The major issue in a bathroom includes moisture, extreme temperature, and very high humidity. Of course this is the perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, the material that you select for window treatment needs to be resistant to moisture, mold, and steam. In addition, consider the amount of light you want to allow in your bathroom. Another thing to consider is where to place the window. If it's placed so close to the shower or wash basin, you might need to buy more durable material.  Despite these restrictions, there are many types of materials for bathroom windows.


Curtains as well as drapes are perfect bathroom window treatments. They should be durable, strong, water proof and eye-catching. Curtains and drapes are vital for blocking the view in a clear glass window. The low position of the curtain allows sunlight into your bathroom and still maintains privacy. You can choose various materials, such as sheer fabrics like muslin, lace, net, and voile, synthetic fabrics, and materials which permit good ventilation.

These materials, however, may not offer any privacy during the night with the lights switched on. Thus, use high quality curtains to add some class to the stylish room.


Blinds are usually the most common bathroom window treatments.  They let you control the amount of light entering your bathroom, thereby also offering many privacy settings. Bathroom blinds are available in many different materials.  Faux wood is an excellent option for a stylish look. Moreover, it doesn't warp like ordinary wood and is also more resistant to moisture.  The only issue is its weight. Thus, it can only serve as a perfect small window treatment for a bathroom. If you have larger window, you may try to find other options like Venetian blinds etc.


Shutters are basically hinged panels. They are easy to maintain and operate and provide a warm but clean look to a bathroom window. They usually have slats that may be tilted up and down to let in light while maintaining privacy. Natural wood shutters can warp because of the high humidity in the bathroom.  Faux wood shutters are made from composite wood materials or vinyl and don't usually crack or warp in moist environments.


Shades are another good treatment option for bathroom windows. Aluminum, vinyl, and cloth are very common materials for shades.  In particular, vinyl is very durable, comes in many different colors to suit a bathroom decor and is the best for the harsh conditions in your bathroom. It can tolerate stream and is resistant to mold and mildew. Moreover, it's very easy to clean and provides several privacy and light settings. Different patterns of shades, including pleats, banded cornices, and fringe trim in cotton material look particularly elegant for big bathrooms.


Glass can be an expensive but beautiful option for covering windows. Glass can withstand extreme temperatures in a bathroom and also prevent mold from growing. You can choose stained glass, opaque glass, and acrylic glass.  Stained glass is magnificent yet most expensive type of window treatment.  A good option for beautifying while still protecting the privacy of your bathroom is opaque glass. If you choose clear glass windows, use curtains or drapes to shield the view.

How to select bathroom window treatments

If you are looking for bathroom window treatments, it's essential to take into account privacy, appropriate style, and ease of use. There are various options to select from for your bathroom windows, such as curtains, blinds, shutters, and shades.

If you opt for curtains, it's advisable to go for shorter curtains that do not touch the floor, because bathroom floors quickly gather dirt, dust, or even water that may get onto the curtains.  Besides, shorter curtains will make it easier to access bathroom floors when you're cleaning. If you decide to beautify your bathroom windows using curtains, fabric is a major consideration. Choose synthetic, easy to clean materials that will not be damaged by the humidity and moisture from showers and baths and avoid dry-clean-only options.

Privacy is another extremely important consideration when selecting bathroom window treatments. In case your bathroom window is facing a neighbor or street, choose an opaque window covering that will block others from peeping inside your bathroom. Mini blinds close firmly for the best privacy.  In case you choose mini blinds, it's a good idea to choose vinyl over aluminum, as vinyl resists moisture and humidity better. Cellular shades offer a great option for maintaining privacy while still letting some light in.

Bathroom window treatments have to offer easy access to windows for ventilation and cleaning. Shutters and blinds are easy to use and their slats may be placed in a variety of ways for many different levels of privacy and light control. Faux wood offers a better alternative to natural wood, since natural wood may warp due to shower and bath humidity in a bathroom. Roller shades also offer easy operation and durable material.

If you settle on a particular type of bathroom window treatment that doesn't provide the functionality or privacy you need in your bathroom, consider adding upgrades or custom options to combine the functionality you need with the look you want. If you're looking for the woven woods look but are worried about privacy, just add a liner.  You can find Roman shades in easy-to-clean, light fabrics with bottom-up/top-down options for light penetration so that your bathroom doesn't look smaller. You can choose from the numerous bathroom window treatments available to suit your needs as well as your bathroom decor.

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