When it comes to running to help with weight loss, there are a few things that you will need to consider first. You will need to buy yourself a good pair of running shoes which are good quality and comfortable. It may be worth spending that little bit extra money on a pair because comfort and durability should be your number one priority.

Beginner running tips for weight lossNext you will need to workout a program that suits your lifestyle, its highly likely if you are just starting out and want to lose weight you will need to change your lifestyle dramatically get your bum off the sofa and get running. Set a running program at times which are the most convenient to you, this is because if your running is getting in the way of your social life you are more likely to quit and go back to your old sedentary lifestyle which includes zero exercise.

Most beginners like to run first thing in the morning, but personally I think this has got a few downsides. Number one you are exercising on an empty stomach and number two you are more likely to be feeling tired which will make you quit your running sooner rather than later.

If you are a total beginner start off slow, but try to take yourself out of your comfort zone at each running session. Some beginner running workouts are done at a walking pace. If you want to walk to lose weight, then do that then, but if you a serious about running then you need to keep working at the pace you set yourself and the distance you can run.

You will be surprised at just how many beginners are running marathons in less than 12 months of training. Lots of people have lost lots of weight and really turned their life's around just by using running as their primary source of exercise.

If you are running to lose weight, remember that the weight is lost in between your running sessions and is controlled by the amount of calories you consume and the type of foods that you eat.

If you think that you can go running a few times a week and still eat the same junk food and lose weight. Then think it again, it can't be done, unless you are running hundreds of miles each week.

Running can cause injury if not done correctly, so you will need to listen to your body and slow down at the appropriate times. By all means take yourself out of your comfort zone, but never keep running when you are in serious pain. Listen to your body and you will not go far wrong.

To reduce the risk of injuries its very important that you get enough rest and recuperation in between workouts. Give yourself at least one days rest between each running session. If you overdo it and run every day, then injury is going to occur if you are a beginner runner.

A good way to ensure that you keep progress is to make notes after each running session. Take a note of the distance you ran and the time you ran it in.

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