In the world of cooking, oregano is a well established spice. However, its benefits and uses go beyond those within the kitchen. It possesses many medicinal properties. 

Like all essential oils, there are warnings and precautions that should be taken before use.*

Infection and antibiotic properties

A tablespoon of coconut oil with around 3 drops of oregano oil* is a natural antibiotic on par, if not stronger, than the pharmaceuticals.

Oregano oil’s powerful, natural antibiotic functions make it a valuable player in combating antibiotic resistance, which poses a growing threat.

IndigestionOil of OreganoCredit: harrb

It’s used as a natural remedy to treat indigestion. A drop in a glass of water drank after a meal will cool down heartburn.


With oil of oregano, you can naturally treat and prevent acne. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties kill acne-forming bacteria. It can be carefully dabbed as a preventive measure or used to spot treat already developed pimples.

Joint and muscle pain

Combining with a carrier oil and massaging over an inflamed or troublesome area tames and relieves the pain. It must be diluted, direct application is potentially damaging.

Respiratory problems and allergiesLilyCredit: pixabay

Along with the fighting bacteria and building up the body’s defenses to offensive intrusions, the oil is also a strong expectorant. This aids in the body eliminating excess, troublesome mucus.

The common cold

Just as it treats infection and works as an antibiotic, oil of oregano defends the body against the common cold. It builds up the defenses and hastens the time it takes the body to get over a cold. Colds are moments when the body is at its busiest and weakest. Bolstering immunity and warding off intruding ailments is essential to kicking a cold and avoid getting kicked while you're down.


Another valuable trait of the essential oil is its antifungal properties. It can be used to treat such problems as toenail fungus.


The irritating and uncomfortable scalp condition improves with the use of the powerful essential oil. Simply apply as a hair rinse and massage into the scalp. Be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes.

Insect repellentMosquitoCredit: pixabay

If you're about to go on a camping trip, don't forget to take some oregano oil with you. Mosquitos and the like keep their distance from the pungent scent of oregano. A diluted drop or two spread across exposed skin is an effective chemical-free alternative bug spray.


  • Short-tern use: Oil of oregano is extremely potent and must be used cautiously. It is not to be consumed or used for long periods of time. It is dangerous and detrimental to repeatedly consume. It is advised to not go over 3 days of back-to-back use.
  • Allergies: There is the potential for allergic reaction to oil of oregano. There is a high likelihood of allergic reaction for those allergic to the plant family Lamiaceae.[1]
  • Bad taste: Also, be warned that it is not easy going down. There is a distinct taste that many may find unpleasant.