Sometimes circumstances arise that put people in danger. The basic function of this type of accessory is to save lives. That means it delivers the information that is necessary to ensure that you grandfather, aunt, or another older relative or friend can be treated properly by a medical team if the need arises. People who live with blood glucose issues know that they must stick to a particular regime in order to ensure that they are healthy. 

$20 or less buys the best diabetes alert necklace or bracelet for the elderly. This is emergency protection at a price you can afford. There are several different health aids in this category that are on the market. Some offer more features than others and for this reason, they cost more. 

Apothecary Diabetic ID Bracelet

Diabetic Medical Id Jewelry Bracelet
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(price as of Aug 2, 2015)

When an older person enters a diabetic coma, they are unable to speak or get to the help that they need. If they collapse while shopping at the supermarket or carrying out some other chore, it is important for the people around them to be able to identify them. Doctors will also know how to respond if they are quickly able to detect that the individual is taking insulin to control their glucose levels.


While it is important for diabetics to have some sort of identification with their name, brief medical history and other information, this is also useful for persons with other disorders as well. For example, individuals who suffer from asthma, Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis also benefit. The bracelet briefly describes any health conditions, drug allergies and other relevant information. 

5 Hidden Signs of Diabetes for the Elderly

The Apothecary bracelet is jewelry for diabetics. It’s made from strong steel and can be adjusted to comfortably fit the width of your wrist. It will quickly alert an emergency care technician, doctor or nurse to the fact that you are diabetic. This information is on the back so it helps to maintain your privacy in this way. No one can just look at your arm and know exactly why you are wearing it. It is available on Amazon for $8.23.


The StickyJ stainless steel heart pendant is ideal for the woman who wants her jewelry to look good and help her stay healthy at the same time. In my opinion, this is the best diabetes alert necklace or bracelet for the elderly under $20. The chain of the necklace is made of little silver balls. The pendant is smooth and has the relevant symbol on the front, so that people will be able to notice it quickly when necessary. It is available on Amazon for $10.95. 

Diabetes Medical Alert Stainless Steel Heart Charm

Diabetes Medical ID Stainless Steel Heart Pendant 3/4 Inch
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(price as of Aug 2, 2015)