oprah magazinePicking out magazine subscriptions for women can be an easy way to shop, but only if you choose the proper type of publications. Women (as well as men) will always have a need to flip through their favorite magazines while relaxing somewhere and that is what makes them such a great present to give.

The simplest place to start is to find out if she already subscribes to a certain magazine. If she does then you can either extend her subscription or start a new one with similar content. If you really feel you need some guidance you can always bite the bullet and ask her what she likes. The list below is a good starting place as most cover a large range of information that most women find useful and entertaining.

Magazine Subscriptions for Women

Cosmopolitan is a well rounded international periodical that focuses on topics and problems that women often run into. Don't be surprised to find Emma Stone pictures or images of some other celebrity in this magazine as they often grace their covers. You'll find articles on relationships, self-improvement, fashion, skin care and much more.

Marie Claire is considered by many women to handle articles on sex and similar topics with a bit more respect and class than many other magazines do, which is why they like it. This would be a perfect magazine subscription for women looking for something with a bit more depth.

Elle magazine's main concern is to bring the world of emerging fashion trends, beauty and style into women's living rooms.

Vogue brings the hottest fashion from the world's top designers to light and lets everyone see what may be possible. You won't find many articles on cosmetics, but you will find beautiful photographs of amazing clothing from all over the world.W magazine

InStyle tries to give the public a glimpse into the private style choices of many of today's most fascinating and famous people.

W is definitely one of the more controversial fashion magazines on the market because of its acceptance of artistic photography, so be prepared to see hot pics of Megan Fox or super models. This oversized periodical is about opulence and beauty, period. Keep in mind that most women won't be able to afford things seen in this magazine, but as they won't be paying for the subscription, they may not mind too much.

Good Housekeeping, despite its name, is actually a great choice when picking out magazine subscriptions for women. It covers a wide variety of information that the average woman finds very useful (reviews, recipes, household tips, etc.).

Better Homes & Gardens focuses on articles about crafts, home decorating, cooking, gardening, healthy living and more. There is not a lot of fashion related material in this gem and would be perfect for someone who really doesn't like to read such magazines.

Allure is all about making that beautiful woman you know even more beautiful by sharing insider secrets from leading cosmetic experts.

O, The Oprah Magazine works to instill the same confidence and individual style that the popular TV talk show host gives to millions who watch her show every day. A quality magazine that can inspire any woman.

Harper's BAZAAR is a perfect subscription choice for women who want a magazine that concentrates on high fashion. It is definitely aimed at the upper class, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed by everyone else.

Town & Country readers are made up of mostly younger socialites and middle class professionals that can afford its upper class content. All types of information that concerns the rich and famous can be found in this publication.

Family Circle provides exactly the kind of useful content that the title suggests. Everything from do it yourself decorating to family advice to time saving tips can be found here. A perfect choice for a caring mother or homemaker.

• Magazines such as People, Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly are always a good way for everyone to find out what their favorite celebrities are up to. This is why they are always a popular choice when picking out magazine subscriptions for women or men.

Bust is a magazine "for women with something to get off their chests." A good publication that is a little more accessible to most women due to it being a little more fun and less angry than similar feminist periodicals. There are titles out there if you want something with a lot more teeth.

Real Simple provides creative solutions to busy women who want to find more time in their day to do the things they consider important. This is a great magazine to give to someone who wants or needs to make their life a little simpler.

Shape helps women work towards that perfect body that they want by giving them useful information regarding overall fitness, nutrition, psychology and beauty. Other excellent choices that have similar content are Oxygen, Prevention and Self.womans day

• Both Glamour and Redbook magazine subscriptions would make a great choice for a woman who wanted a periodical that covered a wide range of information that matters to women of almost any age.

Woman's Day is written especially for the contemporary woman of today that wants information on nutrition, health, fashion, home, family and children. Ladies Home Journal and Woman's World are also very solid magazines that cover similar topics.

Lucky is focused on one thing and one thing only – what to wear and how to wear it. It does this so well that it calls itself the "Ultimate Shopping Guide" and "The Magazine About Shopping." It is chock full of products that women love to use and descriptions by the editors on why they love them.

In closing I would like to say that this article was a little more difficult to write than I anticipated and would welcome any recommendations from the female of the species on any titles that I might have missed. Trying to pick out magazine subscriptions for women when you are a man is not an easy thing to do, but I think I did a pretty decent job. I hope you enjoyed the article and keep in mind that there are other magazine subscription gift ideas that fit a wide range of personalities (kids, guys, photographers, gamers, entrepreneurs, etc.).

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