Choosing a good business VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for you business is important. A business VOIP service can save lots of money compared to a conventional phone line, and so is becoming increasingly popular, even with smaller scale businesses.

In this article we will look at some of the best business VOIP services; their features, good points and bad ones, to help you to choose the right service. We will compare Skype, Vonage and Lingo.

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Skype is the behemoth in the consumer world and is increasingly moving into providing paid VOIP services for businesses. It is available worldwide and offers a range of features, but its best part is definitely its video chat functionality. They do lack in certain features that businesses may need as they are mostly a consumer orientated company at the moment, which may not make it the best business VOIP service for your company.

Skype’s main feature is as a video chat based VOIP provider, with applications available on mobile phone platforms such as Android and iOS giving users the option to use video which can provide a better experience that just voice chatting. It also offers group messaging, conference calls (Skype to Skype) and is free to call Skype to Skype.

Skype’s cost varies, due to that fact that it is very modular in its pricing structure. You only pay for what you want and no more, from a personalised number to text messaging.  Skype is a very good choice for VOIP and can be tested for free to check it is the perfect choice for your business VOIP service.


Vonage is a VOIP only service provider.  They are award-winning and have a very good pricing structure which allows all plans to access all of the features. Vonage also offers a 30 day money back guarantee allowing you to test the service.

Vonage’s main features include Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling to name a few, the different plans Vonage offers each provide a different combination of these features. Vonage connects to your internet with an adapter, and the Vonage adapter connects to your phones – a very easy setup allowing you to use your existing phones.

Vonage is an established player in the business VOIP market. Its maturity offers great features, good support, extremely easy setup and a 30 day money back guarantee. These combine to make it one of the best business VOIP providers.


Lingo pushes its customer service as one of its main selling points. It isn’t as feature rich as Vonage but is improving over time.

Lingo offers a basic feature set that is found with companies like Vonage above. It offers two plans which are offered at a discount for the first three months. The installation is very easy, and should you have any trouble then the excellent support solves any problem quickly.

Lingo could be a Vonage killer if it wanted to, but it is their customer services that make it worth considering for your business VOIP service.

From an initial impression, the vastness of Skype means that it has a huge feature list and is likely to be at the forefront of technology. For a business VOIP system you may want more customer support which is where traditional VOIP providers such as Vonage and Lingo will outshine Skype. We recommend you test the services that will potentially meet your needs and choose the best business VOIP service from that. 

Once you've chosen your VoIP provider, you may want to check out the hardware.  one hardware manufacturer is ZTE and I have written an article on whether ZTE videoconferencing is any good.

Which business VOIP service do you think it best? Have you ever used Vonage, Skype or Lingo? What is the best business VOIP service? Please feel free to write a comment below.