As of today InfoBarrel will be directly offering revenue for our publishers.  Publishers will get the same revenue share previously offered through our ad rotation system, however writers will no longer need to create accounts on a number of other sites to get paid.  We want publishers to be able to focus on writing and not on having to maintain affiliate accounts at a number of sites to make money off their work.  


In order to get paid, we require your legal name, physical mailing address and Paypal address.  All of this information will be 100% private, but in order to pay users we require a few more specific details.  Finally, you must agree to our InfoBarrel Ad Service Terms and Conditions.  

For the month of March 2013, we are having a grace period where all accounts will acrue revenue regardless if they have agreed to the IB Ad Service T&Cs. After March, accounts that have not specifically read and agreed to our T&C's will no longer acrue revenue via the IB Ad Service until they have read and agreed to be bound by our InfoBarrel Ad Service Terms and Conditions. This is to protect both ourselves as well as the other active members of InfoBarrel.  

Payment Structure

Like our previous system where we shared 75% of the ad impressions with the publisher, our new system shares 75% of the revenue with the publisher.  This will ensure that you always receive your portion of the revenue, and don't have to hope revenue generating traffic shows up on your share of the ad impressions.

Understanding the Numbers

When you log into your account, and click the "Account" link in the menu bar, you will see a menu item called "Earnings".  If you click on earnings you will see a fair amount of information.  I've included a picture below to demonstrate.


InfoBarrel Earnings Example

Estimated Earnings

Estimated Earnings are the non finalized earnings based on the data we currently have.  While these numbers are generally accurate, some fluctuations on a number of advertisers can causes these numbers to go up or down slightly depending on a number of factors.  Under this section of the earnings you can see yesterday's earnings, this month's and last month's.  

One cool thing you will see under Estimated Earnings that we couldn't give you before was earnings through referrals.  Finally you can see how much revenue you are generating by referring your friends and family to publish on Infobarrel.

Finalized Earnings

Finalized earnings are pretty straight forward.  This is the confirmed value that you are going to be paid when pay day comes.

Revenue Breakdown

Below the Estimated Earnings and Finalized Earnings you will see a spreadsheet that shows you a list of all your published content that has generated traffic.  We break the traffic down into two categories, Desktop and Mobile Page views.  This is a great tool to see how much of your traffic comes from physical computers (Laptops, Desktop PCs, etc) and how much traffic comes from mobile devices (Smart phones).

Tier 2 Earnings

Tier 2 earnings is revenue generated from our non premium ad positions.  These ad spots will be sold at the highest rate possible and will use a number of higher end advertising agencies for back fill.  After extensive testing the revenue we are generating through Tier 2 is significantly higher than what was being earned through our previous advertising relationship.

Tier 1 Earnings

Tier 1 earnings are earnings generated from our premium in article ad positions. 

Total Earnings

Total earnings are simply the sum of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 earnings. 

How Do I Get Paid

Currently we are only paying out through PayPal.  In order to get paid you need to have all your information filled out in your "Payment information" tab under your account settings. Note, you will not be able to change your name once you have set it in this section, so don't put a pseudo name or pen name. Also, make sure to read and agree to our InfoBarrel Ad Service Terms and Conditions; without doing so you will not be paid.  You will be paid the value of your finalized earnings, provided they have met the minimum $50 USD Payment threshold.

When Do I Get Paid

Payments are issued on a NET 45 basis.  NET 45 means your payment will be sent 45 days after the closing of the month in which you generated the minimum payment. Earnings that do not reach the payment threshold will be rolled over into the following month.


Fraud is a sensitive subject and while nobody likes to talk about it, it needs to be noted we take fraud very seriously.  Accounts found to be engaging in fraudulent activity will have all revenue revoked and will be subject to a life time ban from InfoBarrel.  Fraudulent activity includes clicking or soliciting ad clicks from users, advertisement via pop ups, traffic sent via malware, amongst other things that would cause our advertisers to lose money.  A good rule of thumb, is that if something seems even remotely shady, it is best to avoid it. For a more extensive list please visit our InfoBarrel Ad Service Terms and Conditions.


As an InfoBarrel publisher you will generate income.  Every Country has different laws in regards to reporting income for tax purposes.  As a InfoBarrel publisher you are solely responsible for reporting this information to your local government in order to pay taxes.  InfoBarrel will not pay out additional revenue to cover local taxes under any circumstance.