Today we are rolling out a new feature that will give you an idea of how our system views your articles.  This new feature will give each article a score that is based on a number of signals.  

After a fair amount of tweaking, we've found that our algorithm, while not perfect, it is able to give a fairly accurate reading on whether an article meets our quality standards.  Our ranking system will give your article a score that ranges from 0-100, with 100 being the highest possible score available.  These scores update when you publish a piece of content, and randomly every week moving forward to take social signals and article interaction into consideration.

How do We Judge Articles?  

We have dozens of signals that we take into consideration to decide upon an article score.

Here are a few things we check for:

  •  Follows our editorial guidelines
  •  Use of media and variety of article elements
  •  Formatting
  •  Use of our citation tool
  •  Social Sharing/Article Interaction
  •  Linking to other quality content from other authors on IB
  •  Length of content

Where Can I Find my Article Scores?

For the time being, we only have them listed directly on individual articles, next to the title.  We will be rolling these out into the 'My Content' page in the near future when we launch the new version of the page.

Article Score

Can Anybody See My Scores?

We know that privacy on the Internet is huge, and we wouldn't want to make anybody feel bad if their content happens to get a low score.  For this reason we've limited the scores to your eyes and your eyes only.  Your article scores will only be visible to you when you are logged into InfoBarrel.


Some of my Articles are Great but Have Low Scores? Why?

At the time of this writing, articles will initially start with a maximum score of 66 and will increase with social interaction.  Maximum starting scores will change as we update and add things to our algorithm. Since these scores are derived by artificial intelligence, there is going to be times when the score isn't perfect.  I would recommend going over the suggestions I've listed above and possibly ensuring that your article has been pushed out to your social network for some extra exposure.