Bob-o-Pedic Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Review

If you're in the market to buy a new bed, you might want to consider buying a Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress.

Bob-o-Pedic mattresses come in several different thicknesses and sizes.  This review speaks about the Bob-o-Pedic 10-inch Foam Plush Mattress with box-spring.

Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress is very different compared to a coil-spring mattress but I've grown to like it very much.  When I lay down on it the foam mattress conforms to my body curves and it makes me feel as if I'm floating in air a little bit.  I enjoy the comfy-cozy feeling it delivers and appreciate that the whole bed does not move when I move around.  When I lay down on my back it feels as if I am perfectly flat because the mattress foam conforms to my body curves and that means there are no gaps between my neck, back or knees and the bed.  If you sleep on a coil-spring mattress most mattresses don't completely conform to your body curves and when you lay flat on your back there is usually space under your neck, back and knees.  

Cons of the Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress

I have two cons to say about sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress and they both have to do with the lack of spring it offers.  When I wake up and jump out of bed I need to completely sit up and place my feet on the floor to get out of the bed where as when I had a coil-spring mattress I could sit up half way and bounce off and out of bed very easily.  The second con is when you turn over or around during the night when sleeping.  It isn't so easy to flip yourself over or on to your side BUT the point of sleeping on a Foam Memory Mattress is to not have to move around as much so you actually get a better night sleep.

Overall Review

Since I've been sleeping on a Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress I do sleep more sound and I do get a better night sleep.  When I wake up I'm refreshed and ready to go and my body does not hurt.  I give it a thumbs up.

PS:  When I bought my Bob-o-Pedic I bought the Goof Proof Bed Protector.  The Goof Proof Bed Protector is waterproof, controls dust mites, natural cotton terry-cloth, rips, cuts and burns are covered under the 10-year warranty and is machine washable.

Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress ReviewCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs
The picture above shows the actual foam mattress.  The Bob-o-Pedic has two layers of covering protecting the foam mattress.  The two layers of covering are a part of the mattress and sold with the two layers already on the mattress.
Bob-o-Pedic Box-SpringCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs
The box-spring covered with a thick strong material, gives the box-spring a finished look and helps the mattress stay in its place.  I placed the box-spring on a bed-frame I already had but I would think that you can place the box-spring directly on the floor.  I don't feel all beds need a bed-frame but some people like myself appreciate space under the bed.  If you don't have a bed-frame and place the box-spring directly on the floor, you might consider buying a package of ez-sliders that will allow you to easily slide the bed around if need be.  Ez-sliders help you easily move furniture around on almost any floor surface.

Bob-o-Pedic Mattress CoverCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs
The outer covering gives the foam mattress a clean finished look and it helps the mattress stay in place when placed on the box-spring.  The outer finish covering has little rubber dots on the bottom that prevent the mattress from sliding around when placed on the box-spring.

Bonus:  When your new Bob-o-Pedic mattress gets delivered the delivery men take away your old mattress if need be.  One less hassle to worry about.

Below is a picture show the mattress placed on top of the box-spring and the second picture shows you a close-up of the terry-cloth Goof Proof Bed Protector.

Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Review(107520)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

With Goof Proof Bed Protector

Bob-o-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress Review(107521)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs