If you are looking for the best protection from the rain you can get, other than dressing in a complete rain suit and rubber boots, then you need to get the bubble umbrella.

This is a great way to cocoon yourself from the elements, especially that driving rain. If you have to do a lot of walking, and also want to protect your head and shoulders from rain, then a bubble umbrella would be the perfect accessory for you. If literally gives you "sides" to your little protection bubble.

They have always been fashionable, and have been pictured in many fashion magazines, especially for spring fashions shows, since we get a lot of those "April Showers". The best part about using a bubble umbrella is that you can see through it, while still protecting your upper body from the rain.

The only downside to this type of umbrella is that you need to have your head as high as possible in thebubble umbrella umbrella, so that the majority of it is over your shoulders and upper body, this is the only way the wind won't try and take it away. If you hold it too high, you may have to fight with the wind. So, use it the way it is suppose to be used, and that is right over your body, with you looking out through the clear plastic.

ISOTONER Clear Bubble Umbrella - (Different Styles), Clear (pictured)

You can get these bubble umbrellas in different hues of the plastic. You can see through them, but it is like using big sunglasses. The clear may be your best bet, if you are trying to navigate the sidewalks and crowds during a rain. They are made of tough materials and are easy to clean.

Unlike the traditional umbrella, this bubble umbrella will protect your shoulders without have to angle it a certain way, which tends to happen with driving rains. There is no danger of you not being able to see where you are going, which can also happen with a traditional umbrella as you may have it angled in front of you to help with the angled rain, which can restrict your view.

The bubble umbrella can be purchased at most discount department stores with accessories, and many shoes stores will sell the bubble umbrella, but you can also pay a lot for them if they are sold as a fashion accessory.

By shopping online, you can compare prices, and get the best deal. There are clear plastic ones with colored edges and colored handles, but if you stick to the totally plain and clear plastic you will get it cheaper, and it is the least distracting when you have to get from point A to B in the rain. You need to be able to see clearly, so keeping it simple with the designs is the better way to go, if you like the cocoon idea of the bubble umbrella.

You can get these online, at such stores as Amazon, such as the one pictured. They are affordable and will often be under 20 dollars. Pretty cheap protection for your head and shoulders while out in the rain.

You might want to get a few of these, to keep in the house, car and office, so that you don't get caught off guard in that next rain.

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