The butterfly is an exquisite creature. Perfect in every way, with their beautiful designs. Designers create fashions with them in mind. You can get beautiful scarves, blouses and more with the beautiful and colorful butterfly on it. So, why not a butterfly umbrella?

If you are a nature lover (and who isn't) and you love the designs, then you should check out the latest in the line of Galleria style butterfly umbrellas. These are beautiful and vibrant designed fashion umbrellas with the nature lover in mind.

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Galleria Moonlight Butterflies Folding Umbrella
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(price as of Nov 30, 2016)

With these fast drying fabrics, and lightweight hardware, the designers are moving more into the accessory line of fashions. The trusty umbrella is getting a "makeover". It is about time too.

Those big boring black and blue ones, that always took forever to dry, and had to be left open for days in the basement or porch are being replaced with fast drying, (sometimes within minutes) and colorful designs. This is just one of a great line of designer ones that have hit the market.

The beautiful brolly,  like the one pictured here, is stunning with vibrant colors. So, just because it is raining outside, doesn't mean you can't still use something cheerful to keep you dry. It may just remind you of those days on your back patio watching those beautiful butterflies in your garden.

Designers have done well with the line of Galleria style. You can get this style, but there are many other styles that are just as beautiful, such as roses, azaleas, sceneries and more. Really vivid ones too. They don't fade and dry fast.

So, if you are walking down that sidewalk in the morning and it is drizzling, it would be nice to look at some designer umbrellas rather than those plain black ones walking in front of you.

This one is beautiful, and can be an extension of your wardrobe. If you have to carry something as large as an umbrella when opened, it might as well be cheery and uplifting! Just think of those people walking behind you, they will have a great scene to look at.  Beautiful especially on a rainy day.

The one pictured is online at Amazon. You can get designer umbrellas at most department stores now, but the variety is not the same. By shopping online you have such a huge variety to check out from different designers and makes.  These also make great gift ideas, especially for the walkers in your family or on your list.

So, if you are in the market for a new brolly, then why not check out a desginer one, especially if you are a gardener, and love the beauty of a butterfly. Or you can check out the beautiful flower designers and others. A butterfly umbrella would also make a great gift idea to anyone who loves butterflies in your family or amongst your friends.

The fashion umbrella has become a part of our wardrobe now with all the classic designs and funky ones too. So, why not get one for your house, your car and the office, so you are not caught off guard with the rain. But if it does rain, at least your butterfly umbrella will not be gloomy!

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