A cherry pedestal table elegantly accents rooms with a warm sophistication. Used for dining room furnishings and for accent and end tables, cherry is a very popular choice for fine furnishings. The pedestal bases allow for a sophisticated look while the dark warm depth of tone and grain creates an inviting atmosphere.

Cherry Pedestal Table Sizes

The choices are vast when seeking a cherry pedestal table in various sizes. More commonly used in a formal dining room setting than in a kitchen, the pedestal shape will generally becherry pedestal table slender and carved or turned. The tops are often inlaid with other woods and may have attractive carving around the outer edges. Marble topped cherry pedestal tables are available in accent, coffee and end tables as are solid cherry tops. Often a dining room table will have several leaves to extend the length up to twelve or more feet.

Cherry Pedestal Table Finishes

Due to its popularity, a cherry pedestal table will generally showcase the grain and color of the wood. The finished color is a deep brownish red and may be covered in a satin or glossier polyurethane on new furniture and with varnish on old. While a painted base may be occasionally found for a kitchen or casual dining room table, cherry pedestal tables will generally be a solid stain and finish due to the refined shape.

Other options that exist with a cherry pedestal table include a base built from a less expensive wood that is then stained with a cherry finish. This may be on just the pedestal or pedestals or it may include the entire piece. A veneer of cherry may be placed upon an alder base, for this example, the base requires to the entire piece of furniture rather than simply the pedestal. The veneer should last for years as long as the polyurethane or varnish is not damaged. This type of furniture should be much less expensive than a solid cherry table.

Pedestals on a Cherry Table

Cherry table pedestal shapes offer a good variety, including carvings such as flowers and modified designs depicting lutes and lyres. They will less commonly be found in rustic styles or contemporary styled furniture however some are available. They pedestal bases will usually be slender with finer detailing than found with some woods. Dining room tables may have one or two pedestals depending on the table shape and extended length. Square bases can be found, created from one solid piece of wood or from panels. Octagonal bases with finely chiseled edges and a solid base or small feet are common as well as the Duncan Phyfe, and candlestick pedestal bases.

Shopping for a Cherry Pedestal Table

Shopping for a cherry pedestal table online provides many choices in both accent and dining room furnishings. Local furniture store are likely to have some pieces in cherry or a cherry finish, and they can also be found locally at garage and estate sales. Searching online for a cherry pedestal table will bring up a collection which can be refined according to the type of table desired. Antique shops are another option as is shopping through online antique distributors which offers the opportunity to select from a vast collection of estate and antique furniture.

Prices of a Cherry Pedestal Table

The prices of a cherry pedestal table will run from 128 dollars for a small pedestal table with a spiraled open pedestal base that could be used for a plant or candy dish up to several thousand for a finely finished and detailed dining room table with inlays. Many kitchen tables with either a cherry finish or painted base are offered at approximately 700 dollars. Often tables that are available online will offer free or reduced shipping and are easy to assemble using no more than a screwdriver.

A spectacularly designed accent table with ball and claw feet and featuring drawers set into a veneered inlay top shaped on a flower design can be found in the mid 500 dollar range. A simple sleek design in an end or accent table can be found for less, and may be available online through auction sites as well as online stores.

Cherry pedestal tables that are used for end tables and coffee tables may combine the beautiful warmth of wood combined with glass inserts or possibly even marble. These elegantly styled tables are easy to care for, wood cleaner and polish for the wood is all that is required normally plus glass cleaner for any inserts.