Call of Duty: Heroes Mixes it Up with Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, is a game that mixes turn based strategy with its close sibling real-time strategy in a little mobile game that is proving quite popular.  How do I know it is proving popular?  When the clones start appearing, not just from the original publisher such as Boom Beach, but from other companies trying to capitalize on the idea.  That brings us to Activision and their Call of Duty: Heroes (for Android and iOS devices).

This is basically a clone of Clash of Clans.  Not in the style of Sonic and Mario both sharing a genre, more like Nintendo’s version of Tetris versus the Tengen version.  Activision's game is a straight up copy of Supercell's game for all intents and purposes.  Now the question you need to answer is, does that hurt or help this new game?

Call of Duty: Heroes

Similarities with Clash of Clan

The basics are the same across both games, you build a meager base through a tutorial that shows you the ropes and perform an offensive/defensive maneuver.  Of course this all takes up quite a bit of your precious material, Calerium, to accomplish.  Quite handy considering there is an In App Purchase to replenish that precious material- just like in Clash.


What you start with

Differences between Heroes and Clash of Clans

Both games require some resource management- in CoD: Heroes it is drilling for oil and digging for gold.  In Clash of Clans it was digging for gold and harvesting mana.  You will need to build oil tanks to store the oil or you will end up not being able to drill for more.

There is one major addition to Heroes that Clans does not have- an actual controlled by you character in the battles (actually a couple).  The most common one is the “heroes” themselves- these are characters that you have rescued, or joined your ranks, that show exemplary skill and tenacity.  In battle when you call for a hero you can actually direct them through the battle, much like you would in a normal real time strategy game.  Another controllable option is calling in the helicopter which is mounted with machine guns.  While they aren’t available in every single battle they do help break up the monotony of clicking your troop icon then clicking a spot on the map and waiting for the outcome of the battle. 

Helicopter machine gun interaction during battle

I am not the biggest fan of the this style of strategy game since there is so little actual "game" available.  If you prefer your battles to have a tinge of reality in them then you will probably lean towards Activision's offering.  For everyone else, Clans is probably more than enough fun for one person to enjoy. 

These games are not real time strategy games, as they are marketed.  Real time strategy games offer control over your units, either in groups or individually.  Time management games like Clash and CoD:H are just that, time management games that require you to click and wait.  Click and wait.  This repeats, unless you pay to speed up the process, forever.

Fans of Clash of Clans will probably end up adding this to their game rotation so they have something to play while they wait for the upgrades/training to complete.  Heroes offers  fans of the franchise a nice side story to play as a diversion without straying too far from the core components of the genre.  These time management games complement each other quite well- if you can get into them in the first place.

Call of Duty: Heroes by Activision
Platform: Android (reviewed) and iOS
Genre: Strategy Time Management
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Medium Maturity on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store