Need A Car Loan But You Have Bad Credit?

 Check out Car Loan Pal! If you have seen the commercial on television for Car Loan Pal stating that they will be able to get you auto financing regardless of your credit, you may be curious to find out whether they are legitimate or not. Car Loan Pal is not unique, there are hundreds of car dealers in your area that will sell you a used car with monthly terms.  This is not a new concept.  When these dealers sell you a used car on credit, some may ask you to provide your bank account information so they can automatically withdraw your monthly or weekly installments directly from your bank account. So companies like Car Loan Pal are not new.

Car Loan Pal seems to work a lot like Payday Panda, they have a connection of local car dealership that they connect you because they meet your criteria.  This is after you fill the online auto loan application.  This is why they can assure you that they will get you a car loan regardless of your credit and even very bad credit  and bankruptcy because they cast a wide net and utilize some of these same local or neighborhood car dealerships that have been extending this type of credit for years.


 Car Loan Pal-Auto Loan For Bad Credit Review

There are not really any complaints online about the company. In fact, they have an A- rating with the Better Business Burea, but keep in mind that this is because no complaints have been filed yet and they have a complete business profile with the BBB.  They seem to not have anyone angry with them right now because of shady practices, but that can change tomorrow.


Should I Get A Car Loan For People With Bad Credit From Car Loan Pal?

This is totally up to you and your level of comfort. They seem to be legitimate, however, as stated above, you can sometimes get a good car loan from dealers right within your neighborhoods.  You can also try different resources to acquire your used car. 

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once you have talked with them, and found out certain things such as how much can you be approved for?, What are the interest rates?, and provisions to protect your from lemon, you can make a well-informed decision as to whether or not you should get an auto loan with Car Loan Pal. The great part about Car Loan Pal is that once you submit your application online, your application gets routed to many dealers, even those who lend to sub prime lenders.


 According to Car Loan, you should prepare for your bad credit car loan application by using these great tips:

Give accurate information including the correct Social Security Number

Pull your credit record and see what is on there just so you know what they will see when they get your application.  You can pull your credit record right online.

They may need to reach you so make sure your email, mailing address and phone # are correct.

For goodness sake, make sure you report the correct income. Now is not the time to embellish or lie about how much money you make.

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