The Carnival Cruise Pride offers awesome family vacations close to home.

Carnival Cruise Pride Two

If you live in, or near, Baltimore, Maryland, then check out a voyage on the Carnival Cruise Pride. Baltimore is the home port for the Carnival Cruise Pride. These days, airfare is costly and a hassle. So, for all of you cruisers, who reside within driving distance of Baltimore, you can sail on the Carnival Cruise Pride for less than that of flying to a Southern embarkation port.

And Canadians, I know you enjoy your cruising vacations, too. If you like to drive to your embarkation port, then driving to Baltimore, Maryland is much closer than hauling all the way to Florida, New Orleans, or Texas.

Tell me about the Carnival Cruise Pride?

The Carnival Cruise Pride was the second built ship in the Spirit Class of vessels. Check out her impressive figures, as per the cruising line's website:

Total Staterooms - 1,062

Decks - 12

Passenger capacity - 2,124Carnival Cruise Pride

Total crew - 930

Officer's nationality - Italian

Ship size - Large

Tonnage - 88,500

Ship length - 963

Registry - Panama

So where can I sail aboard the Carnival Cruise Pride?

The Carnival Cruise Pride offers three different itineraries throughout the year:

The Bahamas (Seven Days)

The Eastern Caribbean (Seven Days)

Bermuda (Seven Days)

Sail to the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Cruise Pride.

According to the latest schedule, posted on their website, this Carnival Cruise Pride sailing to the Bahamas is offered at least once a month, all year long. During this voyage, the Carnival Cruise Pride visits three ports: Port Canaveral, Florida, USA; Nassau, Bahamas; and Freeport, Bahamas. Additionally, you'll enjoy three sailing days at sea.

Each of these stops, on your Carnival Cruise Pride Bahamas adventure, offers exciting ship sponsored tours, from which you can choose. Ship sponsored tours are paid for, outside of your normal cruising fare, but they're well worth their price.

Tour Options in Port Canaveral, Florida, USA:

Kennedy Space Center (Close by.)

Universal Studios Theme Park (Approximately an hour away in Orlando,


Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Florida)

Walt Disney World Epcot (Orlando, Florida)

Universal's Islands of Adventure Theme Park (Orlando, Florida)

If the kids have been bugging you about visiting 'Disney,' this sailing on the Carnival Cruise Pride is a wonderful way to go without having to fight the highway or the airlines. And while you'll only have a day in the park, it can serve as a great first time visit. Plus, you and the kids will all benefit from the fun of the actual cruising experience and with a trip to the Bahamas, too. In my opinion, this particular Carnival Cruise Pride vacation is an excellent family vacation.

To add an educational kick to your Carnival Cruise Pride trip, have your children keep a journal while they're gone. And if you're taking them out-of-school for this cruising vacation, have them write daily reports of their experiences and what they learned. Despite its close proximity to the US, the Bahamas is still a foreign country; teach them the history of this island chain.

Tour Options in the Bahamas:

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort - The famous resort, located near Nassau. There are several tour options here, for both seeing the resort as well as enjoying their water park.

Straw Market - Nassau's renowned shopping center. Need a T-shirt…or two? Need a tacky souvenir magnet for a co-worker? You'll find both, and much more, as you haggle your way through this shopping extravaganza.

Dolphin Related Tours - The Bahamas offers you many opportunities to swim with, and/or get up close and personal with, dolphins. Pick from one of several tours the whole family will love. This is fun for adults and particularly educational for kids.

Despite this being a cruising trip, and who doesn't love cruising, I do see two disadvantages to this Carnival Cruise Pride sailing.

First, this itinerary doesn't give you the opportunity to sail further and deeper into the Caribbean. Of course, since your Carnival Cruise Pride vacation has originated out of Baltimore, it would take longer than seven days to sail any further distance. And a cruising vacation of seven plus days isn't a viable vacation option for most people, due to school, work, and family obligations.

The second negative I see, of this Carnival Cruise Pride itinerary, is the weather and water conditions. During the most active part of Atlantic hurricane season (September and October), the water could be rough. And in the winter, the weather, while in route to Florida, could be quite cold. However, if you're not a 'sun worshipper,' and if your motto is the, 'rougher the seas the better,' then neither of these scenarios will bother you.

Sail to the Eastern Caribbean aboard the Carnival Cruise Pride.

Studying the website, and the schedule for the Carnival Cruise Pride, for the next couple of years, it looks like this Eastern Caribbean itinerary is available every month except: January, February, March, and December. But schedules can always change; so consult their website, or give them a call.

For this seven day Eastern Caribbean run, aboard the Carnival Cruise Pride, you will visit three ports of call: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos; Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; and Freeport, Bahamas. And, of course, you'll savor three glorious days sailing the seas.

Tour Options in Grand Turk:

Carnival Cruise Pride Grand Turk

Grand Turk Cruising Center - Near to where you're docked, this is a water park that's fun for the whole family.

Or, if you're more interested in history and culture, check out one of the general tours of Grand Turk. The Turks and Caicos, like several other island nations, fall under the authority of the British Royal Crown. Explore the past of this beautiful land.

Tour Options in the Bahamas:

Half Moon Cay - To me, Half Moon Cay is the highlight of this Carnival Cruise Pride voyage. Half Moon Cay, also known as Little San Salvador Island, is one of many small islands that comprise the Bahamas. Half Moon Cay is the definition of paradise. Rent an umbrella or a cabana for your time on the beach. If you have not yet, on your Carnival Cruise Pride voyage, had the opportunity to snorkel, Half Moon Cay is a breathtaking spot. Not only is snorkeling fun, but it's also a terrific opportunity for children to see, and learn about, marine life. At Half Moon Cay, you can also rent bikes, horseback ride, parasail, and indulge in many other water, beach, and tropical activities. But if all that tasty cruising cuisine has you feeling lazy, just relax on the beach…just don't forget to return to the ship!

Sail to Bermuda aboard the Carnival Cruise Pride.

The Carnival Cruise Pride sails to Bermuda during a few select times of the year. Bermuda, like Grand Turk, is a British territory. And much like Grand Cayman, in the Caribbean Sea, Bermuda enjoys a very high standard of living. Finance and tourism have made this a wealthy playground.

The seven day Carnival Cruise Pride sailing to Bermuda docks in King's Wharf for three days. On your cruising vacation, you may hear of 'King's Wharf' referred to as the 'Royal Naval Dockyard.' King's Wharf is situated on Ireland Island. Bermuda, itself, is composed of 181 islands.

On this Carnival Cruise Pride sailing, you'll have one day at sea, going to Bermuda, and two coming back. Since you'll be immersed in Bermuda, and her history and culture for three days, make sure you don't miss the briefings on this country, provided to you by your cruising staff.

Disclaimer: While I have embarked on a Carnival Cruise Pride voyage, I haven't yet been to Bermuda. I've heard rave reviews of this cruising vacation to Bermuda, and I know she's famous for her pink sand beaches. Since cruising vacations to Bermuda aren't typically offered year round, make the most of your time there. Check out several guidebooks on Bermuda, and then when you attend the ship tour talks, you'll have a better understanding of what they're explaining.

A word on ship sponsored tours.

Wherever you sail, whether it's on a Carnival Cruise Pride adventure, or another itinerary, if you know what tours you'd like to take, then you have the option of booking them online before your embarkation. Make sure to read all the print, so you know the rules pertaining to cancellation and tour changes. By booking your tours ahead of time, you avoid the rush and the chance that certain tours you want will sellout early.

One of the hallmarks, that makes cruising sponsored tours a great value, is you know you'll not miss the ship. Cruising lines contract with the tour operators, and ship's officers keep in touch with these operators while their passengers are out on tour(s). Therefore, if a tour(s) delay happens, the ship won't sail until those tour passengers are safely back on board.

One final thought: should you choose to explore a destination(s) on your own, don't forget to bring your camera. In the words of one of my favorite cruising directors, "The back of the ship sailing away makes a lovely picture!"

Bon voyage, and have fun on your Carnival Cruise Pride sailing venture.

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