Cheap accent chairs with arms are a stylish and comfortable way to fill out your lounge room in a way that compliments your existing couch. If you like having people over to watch movies then you are likely familiar with the limited seating that a single couch offers. This can be a big issue for people who don't have enough room for a second couch. Thankfully, the option of accent chairs fills this gap by providing a stylish and comfortable seating option that can easily fit next to any lounge. In this article we take a look at some of the options you have in this type of seating and how to go about getting yourself a good bargain.

Avoid Using Accent Chairs as Office Chairs

Many people looking for comfortable office seating have made the mistake of picking up accent lounge chairs. This is a bad idea because they are typically too low for most desks and because they do not have the right ergonomic support for office work. While it may seem like a comfortable option at first the ergonomic problems will take their toll overtime and you can end up with back pains and neck cramps. Keep your accent chairs in your lounge room or entertainment room; get a comfortable and ergonomically designed office chair for your office work.

Discount and Classic Wooden Accent Seating

Wooden seating can vary by quite a bit. You can have cheaper folding options and you can have antique wooden carved pieces. Most wooden seating options come in your standard brown or red stain but you can also get painted ones in any color from French white to green and blue.

Plastic Accent Seating

This sort of solution is intended to be a temporary addition to your room that you store away and only bring out when guests are visiting and you need extra seating. Most plastic options are quite simple though it is possible to get some stylish pieces that you can color match with your couch.

Modern Aluminum Accent Furniture

If you have a contemporary style decor then aluminum folding furniture is a great alternative to plastic. Some of these feature a metal frame and clear or colored plastic rests. Try to color match your aluminum furniture to your other major decor choices. Frames are typically only available in steel, grey and black but you can get almost any color in plastic sections.

Upholstered Accent Chairs in Fabric and Leather

This is probably your best choice when it comes to pure comfort, but upholstered options can get a bit pricey, especially leather. However, many fabric options can be quite affordable and come in a huge variety of colors including yellow, pink, purple, red, orange and brown. If you want extra comfort and the ability to put your feet up on the chair then there are also a few oversized options available in upholstered accent chairs for just this reason. These types of chairs are also quite popular in bedrooms as reading chairs and as dining chairs at the dining table so they can serve a variety of purposes.

Arms vs. Armless Options

Armed accent chairs are typically the most comfortable but you can also get ones without if you prefer. These armless chairs can also be a bit cheaper than other varieties as they are simpler in design. Armless designs can also be a little bit more versatile as you can use them as dining chairs more easily.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Different Varieties of Accent Chairs

Retail - Retail should be your first stop as it is the easiest way for you to find the models and styles that you find comfortable and attractive. Even though retailers typically aren't your cheapest options it is still worth going for this reason alone. Once you find a model or style that you like you can simply go home and look up prices on the internet. If you have a smart phone then you can even compare prices in store. If the prices in store are comparable, however, then it may be more convenient to buy your seating there.

Online - When shopping online you have the choice of both used and new sellers. Online sellers typically have lower prices, even after you factor in freight costs. This is because most online sellers do not have the same level of overheads that physical retailers do. They don't have to worry about maintaining a storefront or a sales force and these savings are used to make them much more competitive in pricing. As such, if you are looking for the cheapest deal possible and don't mind waiting for freight then shopping online is your best option. So where can you shop online?

EBay and Amazon for Used - EBay and Amazon are both great options for buying used pieces of furniture and accent chairs can be very cheap here. With both sites make sure that you carefully read all of the available reviews for a seller before buying from them, as it is your best protection from getting a bad deal. You can also use the reviews to find the top rated models of each category.

Online Retailer Home Decorators Collection - Home Decorators Collection is an online wholesaler that sells closed lines and some new stock at reduced prices over retail. Most options on the website are at least 25% below retail price and it's quite easy to browse their categories to find a style and color to suit your home.

Online Classifieds - Online classifieds are the best way to find used furniture in your area. There are quite a few of these classifieds websites but the most popular is typically Craigslist. To use these sites simply find the furniture category and type in your city or postcode. You can usually further refine your search by entering one or two keywords that you are looking for such as 'leather' or 'swivel'.

Useful Accessories for Your New Chairs

Once you have bought your perfect chair then the only thing you have left to do is to pick up some accessories. Upholstery cleaning products are quite useful but the best accessory for your new cheap accent chairs with arms are some matching ottomans. Leaning back in your new chair can be made even more comfortable with an ottoman footrest, which can even double as storage.