If you love to create, especially paint, then you know how expensive art supplies can be, especially for those finishing touches, such as framing. But here are a couple of tips on affordable art supplies, that you can use to finish off your art projects in style.

Department Store Frames

Such as K-Mart, or Wal-mart or Target for example, will sell framed prints. Many of these prints are in nice frames. Just ignore the print and look at the frame. If it is a nice frame, then just purchase this framed print and reuse it. Pull it apart, by taking the print out.

Many of these framed prints have a board for the print. You can create your painting or artistic creation on canvas paper (or watercolor paper) and then use the print board as the backing, and you have yourself a nice framed painting of yours!

You would be surprised at the prices of these framed prints. I have seen many for $19.99 which included a nice real wood frame with glass and matting. It can be cheaper to purchase a frame this way then to buy a blank frame, (depending on the size of your painting or artistic creation you are making) or getting your art framed. By the time you buy a frame with glass and a matt, it will be much higher.

If you like to produce larger paintings, then this is a great way to go, as many of these framed prints are complete with matts and glass. Your painting will look professional.

Zip Lock Bags

These are very handy for your painting days. If you use the little plastic paint wells for mixing your paints, and you have to leave your project, then put the plastic paint try in the zip lock bag to keep for the next time. Why waste your paints? The same with any large paint brushes you may be using. You can roll them in plastic or in a baggie for a day or so until you come back to your project.

Wooden Cabinet Doors

If you prefer to paint on wood, and like the rustic look, another great source of art supplies, is the reuse center. There you can find many cabinet door fronts with the center panel indented, with raised panels framing the cabinet door. If you put your painting in the indented part, then the cabinet will look like a framed painting. Just remove the hinges, and clean up the cabinet door, and if you want to paint it another color, use a zinsser high adhesion primer to paint over the wood.

Buy Old Framed Pictures and Paintings

Garage sales, estate sales, and reuse centers are a great source for old framed pictures and other peoples paintings. Before you paint over another piece, make sure you have not found one of those paintings that will end up on the Antiques Road Show! I once found a large framed painting that was looking tired, for 5 dollars. I pulled the wooden frame apart and cleaned it and the glass, and put in my painting I had. It looked great.

With everyone watching their budgets, even our hobbies are affected. So, get creative, not only with your artwork, but in how you display it, and save money.