Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200

BMX Bikes For Cheap

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When it comes to BMX bicycles, like all things, it's worth your while to find a good quality ride. These bikes usually have demanding riders, and cheap parts will fail or break, leaving you without your favorite mode of transportation. There are some really great cheap BMX bikes under $200 out there, and they're a great way for someone looking to get into BMX riding to get started without blowing a whole bunch of money all at once. 

This article is all about cheap BMX bikes for sale under $200, and it is intended to give an honest review of some of the best bicycle deals out there, and hopefully point you towards a good quality ride. We'll look at a few of the most inexpensive BMX bicycles for sale and list the pros and cons of each one. Hopefully this will help you make a good decision and buy a quality bike!

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Sapient Preco MXIV BMX

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200

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Sapient is a lesser known brand that produces quite a few models of cheap BMX bikes under $200, and a few above that price point too. They're a good place to start because they are definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but still include good quality parts and components. 

The Preco is one of the best cheap BMX bikes under $200. It includes a chromoly frame which is light and very strong (cromoly is a steel / molybdenum alloy that is light, strong and perfect for use in bicycle frames). The cranks, spindle, and most of the components are cromoly steel so it's all quality stuff (hard to break). It includes 2 sets of pegs, so it's a nice bargain if you're looking to get into trick riding. The 25 tooth sprocket ensures quick acceleration and control. It includes 20 inch wheels which are double walled for extra stability and strength.

Usually when looking for BMX bikes for cheap you're forced to make compromises. While it's not a top of the line model, the Sapient Preco is high quality and a good bargain. 

Diamondback Grind 20 BMX Bike

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200

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The Diamondback Grind 20 is another example of a high quality, inexpensive BMX bicycle under $200. The name Diamondback is well known and it's a popular brand with a fantastic reputation. In 3 years of bicycle mechanic work I never heard a single negative remark about Diamondback bicycles. 

The Grind 20 has 20 inch wheels (thus the name), and it's a steal at the price it's listed at. Unlike most cheap BMX bikes for sale under $200, the Grind includes both front and back brakes, including BMX cable routing to allow for full spinning of the front wheel. The frame is made from high tension steel, as are most of the components. Two pegs are included, and there is a 42 tooth sprocket attached to a 16 tooth freewheel on the rear wheel. This is a good gearing for all types of riding, and it can be just as comfortable at a park as on the morning commute.

Beyond all the technical details, it's a solid ride and a beautiful bicycle aesthetically speaking. Definitely a good value for your money. 

Check out the Diamondback Grind 20 here for more details. At $190 it's extremely affordable, easily one of the best cheap BMX bikes under $200 on the market. 

Mongoose Program 18 BMX Bike

Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200 For Sale

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Next in our list of cheap BMX bikes under $200 is the Mongoose Program 18. It's a near ideal ride for anyone just getting into trick or stunt riding due to the fact that it's rocking 18 inch wheels. This gives you faster acceleration and more stunt clearance. The Program 18 has a rigid high-ten frame and forks, a chromoly 3 piece crank (very strong) and it comes with a rear alloy Tektro brake. It has a very small front sprocket and the gearing is set up perfectly for tricks and jumps - being quick, agile and speedy is what this bike is all about.

It weighs in at around 30 pounds, so the Mongoose Program 18 is decently light for its price point. As with most BMX bikes for cheap, it's not high end, but it's a solid and fun ride for anyone with a lower budget.

For the price, it's a really good deal from a reputable brand name, and it's a perfect choice for a beginner, especially with stunt riding.

Shaun White Supply Co. Whip 2.0 BMX Bike

Cheap BMX Bikes For Under $200

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The Shaun White Supply Co. Whip 2.0 has a long name but it's a good product for the price. Named after Shaun White of skateboard and snowboard fame, these bikes are sturdy, solid and fun to ride. Frames made from high-ten steel are rigid, strong and light, and they sport a one piece crank with a 39 tooth sprocket, connected to a 16 tooth freewheel in the rear. This is a very good gear ratio for trick and street riding, and a good all-purpose range for beginners or intermediate riders.

One really nice thing about the Whip 2.0 is the low profile frame. The frame is very low and compact. This gives you a lot of room to perform tricks and jumps, without compromising riding comfort. The high-rise handlebars are nice too. This cheap bmx bike for under 200 is a fantastic platform for a new rider or someone with a lower budget.


Cheap BMX Bikes For Sale Under $200

There are many other BMX bikes out there, a few others under $200 and many more over that price. Remember that your bike is only as good as its components, and a great frame with a few weak links can fail. If you're going for a cheaper ride, my suggestion is to stick with known brands that have good reviews. Going for unknown brands is a big risk, and chances are you'll get burned.

It can be tempting to go for a cheap BMX bike under $200 that isn't a name brand, but be sure to do a search for model reviews. If you can't find any reviews, chances are it's a no name brand from China, and those are rarely of good quality. Expect plastic components and a low quality frame on those models. 

Any of the above brands are great options. A cheap bmx bicycle under $200 is tough to find, but these suggestions are a great place to start. 

Good Luck!