Land Auctions Where I Can Buy Cheap Land

If you are looking for land auctions online where you can buy land cheap, there are several options for you.  No matter what your budge is or how many acres you want, you can always pick up a good bargain at land auctions.  No only can you purchase land at online land auctions, you can also purchase jewelry, homes, cars and other personal goods at online auctions. Online auctions have become a trusted way for consumers to buy their goods today. Land auctions afford people  who would not necessarily be able to afford to purchase land a chance to own a piece of this beautiful earth.


How Do Online Land Auctions Work?

 Land auctions work pretty much like every other type of auction.  Some auctions you may be able to bid right away and the bidding can get very intense especially when the bidding period is about the end.  Many people who bid for items regularly usually wait until the bidding is about to end before they get into the action.  This is a common tactic and does help people win land auctions at places like eBay and Bid4Assets.  The other type of land auction like a government land auction may not allow you to bid on a land parcel until a certain date.  Thus the auction will remain closed until that chosen date.  You may also have auctions where your bid is held private and not made available to the public.  All of these bidding options may have different practices, but the principles are the same.  After the end of the bidding period, the highest bidder wins.  You can easily pick up acres and acres of fertile land for pennies.


 Popular Bidding Sites For Cheap Fertile Land Auctions Online

 Although you can get cheap fertile land online at places like Billyland and other reputable land dealers on a buy now pay later no credit check basis, they usually don't have land auctions on their regular sites.  Places like BillyLand, if they have land auctions, will do it on a site like eBay and not their business website.  Just like Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Catalogs, these dealers offer you the chance to buy land on credit and make monthly installments, usually with no credit check involved. Many land sellers who do extend credit or "seller financing" to land buyers will often do so on popular auctions sites like eBay and Bid4Assets. 

Types of arrangements for the winning bid

There are two types of land auctions on most of these reputable bidding sites:

  • Bid for the purchase price-This means that you are bidding for the entire purchase price of the land.  Which means as soon as you pay for your winning bid, you are done and you own the land. 
  • Bid for down-payment and monthly payments-This means that you are bidding on a down payment.  It will usually state how much the monthly payments will be after the down payment winning bid. So you really have to be careful to reading the information on the bid carefully because if you think you are paying for the entire purchase price and later realize that you were just bidding for a down payment it could cause a great deal of  problems for both you and the seller. 


Ebay Cheap Fertile Land Auctions Online

 eBay has become the number one go to place for online auctions. As stated above, most land dealers who use the seller financing option to sell land online, usually do it on popular bidding sites.  Until recent years, the possibility of getting fertile  land cheap at online auctions was a ridiculous notion.  Who would buy land online?  However, eBay, being a trusted source where buyers and sellers can do business with each other, makes that notion of impossibility-a very feasible reality. If you can buy $1 Million dollar luxury home on eBay, then surely buying a few acres of fertile land should not be so hard to grasp. On eBay's land auction site, you can get something like a vacant lot overlooking Hubbard Lake Michigan for just $2,500 or a 2 acre lot in River Ranch Florida for less. You can purchase land from all over the country on eBay.


Bid4Assets Cheap Fertile Land Auctions Online

Land Auction on Bid4AssetsCredit: is another very popular land auction site.  The site has thousands of land auction listings many of them starting at just $1.  Just like eBay's housing auctions, Bid4Assets also have nice houses for full purchase price auction or down payment auctions.  Bid4Assets, compared to eBay, may not be as well-known but they have a lot of nice things for auction.  They also deal in government surplus and government seized property and goods for auction as well, so this is a great option all around. Cheap Fertile Land Auctions Online

Recreational propery government auctionCredit:

On the website, you will see at the beginning of most auctions the following statement "Under authority of the Internal Revenue Code, the property described here has been seized or acquired for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes and will be sold."  These land auctions are seized government property for say now through government land auctions. You may see something like "Approximately 2.78 acres located at Lot 10 Woody Cove, Ellijay (Gilmer County) Georgia Big Creek Subdivision."  The bidding on this property started at $4,200.  This type of price for almost 3 acres of fertile land is almost unheard of unless your are dealing with a government land auction or another popular land auction site.


These are just a few of the ways that you can buy cheap fertile land through online auctions, there are many other land auctions online, however these are the most trusted sources. many not have as many government land auctions as say Bid4Assets, but when they do have them, you can bet they are always excellent deals.  Like the other auction sites, also deals in other types of government seized property such as homes, jewelry and cars. 

In today's new world of the Internet, even the buyer with only a few dollars can purchase cheap fertile land at online auctions.